PEI’s Magnificent Guiding Lights

With a coastline of 1,100 kilometres, Prince Edward Island’s ocean-front beauty is ravishing from tip to tip. Covered in sand dunes, stunning red cliffs, wild rock formations, sea glass, and a water-front playground, the Island is a uniquely wonderful place. But staggered across the coastline you will find, quite literally, the shining lights within small communities that tell a story of PEI’s proud maritime history.

There are 63 lighthouses scattered just slightly inward from shore, which makes finding them all a bit of a quest… but a quest that’s so worth taking! With each new lighthouse comes a new adventure, a story from the Island’s past, a different view out over the crashing waves, and that fresh, salty-air that has the ability to soothe, calm, and relax. While many of these lighthouses are no longer active — some are even private — 35 remain as an active aid to marine navigation. For these 35, their lights still shine bright to show you the way and welcome you home to PEI. Beautiful year-round, here are some of Prince Edward Island’s most magnificent guiding lights!


From the westernmost tip of the island, surrounded by epic windmills,


… to the most eastern tip, where the light shines a full 360 degrees,


gazing at the lighthouses of PEI will never grow old.


Cherished by locals in seaside communities,


each lighthouse is unique and full of history!


Some hold national significance, like the Cape Bear Lighthouse, first to receive a distress signal of the sinking Titanic.


Another’s claim to fame is being the oldest and most unique on PEI!



Some lighthouses even offer you the chance to experience life like a lighthouse keeper!



The magnificence of these historic treasures will live on long after their lights dim.



Perhaps you’ll find one tucked away between red sandstone cliffs,


…or nestled among the rolling dunes.


Some lighthouses even look out across the water to other lighthouses!



There’s something so epic about towers that overlook the Northumberland Strait and that dreamy horizon,


ready and waiting to welcome you to the island as you sail back to shore,


or as gaze upon the shoreline from the deck of the Northumberland Ferry!


From sun up to sun down, these guiding lights are the apple of our eye.



And in every season there’s reason to celebrate their majesty!



They are postcard perfect,


and as they inspire adventure,


these beacons of light will never fail to pull at your heartstrings with PEI pride!


What can we say? We love our PEI lighthouses. Their shining lights remind us of the coastal beauty, our fishermen out at sea, and the pride we have in this little island we call home. Full of history and nostalgia, each of the 63 have a little piece of our hearts and, no doubt, yours too.

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