A Glimpse Into an Island Winter Wonderland

It’s time to bundle up and get cozy because winter in PEI is just around the corner! There is nothing like the glory of an Island winter snowfall with soft snowflakes swirling around lights that line the streets, Christmas carols soaring through crowds as markets ebb and flow with old and new friends, all while a peaceful stillness falls around us under a blanket of glistening white snow. Whether you’re walking through the city streets, exploring your favourite wooded trail, or watching from your window – ’tis the season of wonder, calm, and just plain fun! As winter’s bright light begins to shine between the last leaves of fall, we truly can’t wait to see all the beauty this winter has in store for us!




Standing tall and true, Thunder Cove’s ‘Teacup Rock’ is a winter treasure! ☕



Our lighthouses take on a whole new kind of beauty surrounded in winter white! 🌟



And speaking of winter white, the lovely streets of town swirl into a wonderland. ❄️



A golden hour glow looks exquisite over the Confederation Bridge. ☀️



And cozy winter hideaways are kinda PEI’s thing! 😍



Joy and cheer fill the streets during the Charlottetown Christmas Festival ✨



…and “Ooh’s” and “Ahh’s” ring out at the Official Christmas Tree Lighting. 🎄



Meanwhile tranquility lies along the streams in wooded winter corners… 🌲



…until the very last light of day and beyond. 🧡



Sometimes the views just take your breath away…🌙



And every magical moment, from a bright Charlottetown sunrise…☀️



to a fiery sunset over the ocean…🔥



makes a winter in Prince Edward Island not just beautiful…



but absolutely dazzling! ☃️



From the first swirling flakes in fall, right through to the spring thaw, PEI takes on a whole new form of beauty this time of year, one that rivals all other seasons. So, as things get frosty and and your nose gets chilly, embrace this winter and all its glistening glory! The season of snow is on the way and it’s going to be lovely. 


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