Seriously Sensational PEI Sunsets

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that life is beautiful in the glowing light of a PEI sunset. The land, the people and the sea are all bathed in artful colours each evening as the sun dips slowly into the sea. Catch a glimpse of an electric sky over hills and trees as you explore an old country road. Not pointing west? Watch as the reflection of the sun turns the entire sky into a hundred colours, from vibrant oranges and reds, to soft and soothing pinks and purples.


Wherever you are on this island, it’s hard not to stop and stare at the majestic beauty that fills the sky night after night after night. We think it’s time to pay tribute to these evening wonders! Get ready to lose yourself in these seriously sensational stunners. Maybe they’ll inspire you to seek out your own favourite places to see the sunset on PEI!



Sunsets seem to suit PEI very, very well 👌


There’s something so calming about a sunset walk along the coast✨

There’s truly no better way to end the day 🙌🏼

Just when you thought Dalvay by the Sea couldn’t get any more romantic… the sun goes down and it steals your heart all over again 🧡


Seeing the sky burst with colour behind the Charlottetown skyline is some kind of wonderful 👏🏼


If you’ve never seen a picture of relaxation, here it is 🧡


Each and every sunset is one for the books! 😲


From the evening calm… 💛

…to an extravagant fire sky. 🔥


Make each day of your PEI vacation an adventure to find the dreamiest sunset👌


And maybe even stay put to see the whole show. ⛺


Before you even get to PEI, it seems to start showing off.


And once you get here? Talk about beauty!


Those three little words we can hear in our hearts?
Golden. Hour. Glow. ✨🙌🏼💛


You can’t outrun these incredible skies…
not that you would ever want to!


Every corner and curve of PEI looks best in the glistening light of the sunset ✨


And as the glow starts to fade, it’s impossible to not feel grateful.


Sights like these will guide you back here ❤️



Where nights like this will never get old 🙌🏼


When each day of your PEI vacation ends with a picture perfect sky, you’ll find yourself oh-so-relaxed and totally ready for another day of fun and adventure. Prince Edward Island is home to incredible beaches, music, tradition, food, and Anne, but most wonderful of all, this place is home to some truly spectacular sunsets. So go ahead, find your own perfect place to see the sun set on PEI. 💛



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