A Picture Perfect 2019

Every year, it’s impossible not to get swept up in feeling extraordinarily grateful to live in a place as beautiful as PEI. Over and over again, we find ourselves in awe of every season, whether it’s the snow-capped, peaceful winters, the excitement of each new lobster season, the vibrant reds, greens, and blues of summertime, or the brilliant colours of fall.

Full of richness and magic, the island sparkles and shines (even the dirt is outstanding!), and it’s a photographer’s dream to capture the landscape we call home. PEI showed up and showed off this year, and we just know it will happen again for 2020! But for now, let’s take a wander back through some of our favourite photos of 2019.


Fields upon fields of PEI perfection… 👌


but the beauty doesn’t stop on land!


Even a look to the sky is a reminder of why PEI is beautiful… 🌈


…especially on a star-studded night! ✨


The simplest of treasures, peaceful and serene…



and a not-so-little man-made marvel that wows us every time! 👏


Welcome to the path to beauty.


In the sky or just below makes no difference… it’s incredible!


Here, there’s no such thing as ‘not a beach day’. 🌊


And especially on sunny summer days, this is the only place to be!


Not even a little chill can cover over the absolute glory that is PEI! ❄️


There’s not much we love more than a Setting Day sunrise, 


but a colourful sky on any morning makes the whole day better. 😍



There are just certain roads you take that are straight out of a novel… 🌿


…a Lucy Maud Montgomery novel, to be exact! 📚


Whether the “air is full of purple twilight” as LMM would say, 💜


a complete fire sky, 🔥


or making us completely starry-eyed with wonder, ⭐


our heads seem to always be up in the clouds… on cloud 9 if you’re looking for us! ☁️



A little island adventure does the soul good.


And a day spent here…


or here…


or even here,



makes everything seem a little extra wonderful.


How lucky are we to have Prince Edward Island? 🙌


A land chock-full of marvellous colour,



a place that is “udderly” unique,



that will never cease to take your breath away,



and make you proud to say PEI is a part of who you are. 💛


In 2019, this island was absolutely breathtaking… but really, what year isn’t? As lupines bloom, waves crash, leaves fall, sand drifts and snow swirls, a real sense of magic surrounds each season here. And we can’t wait to see what PEI beauty is in store for us in 2020!


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