Why a PEI Summer Will Make You Swoon

There’s nothing like summertime, but there’s something¬†especially magical about a summer on Prince Edward Island. Between the cliffs of red and the fields of green, there’s charm, beauty, adventure, and some really exceptional food. As we wave good-bye to Winter and embrace the Spring, here’s a little island inspiration that will have you dreaming of your first (of many!) beach days to come.


Summertime is for cruisin’ with the windows down and that gentle ocean breeze in your hair…


…and for spending your days with friends, seeing new places, or maybe re-visiting all your favourites! 👫



PEI summers are nothing if not relaxing… a chance to slow down and get up close and personal with all its beauty 💜


And after a long day of adventure, you can listen to the waves roll in as you watch the sun sink into the sea along the North Shore 🌊


The best part about a PEI summer is that after a full day at the beach, there’s nothing stopping you from going back the very next day!


Even islanders are wowed at just how much beauty this one small island can hold 😮


And for the record, the “wow factor” applies to more than just the sights! PEI is a true foodie heaven 🙌


You never really know what discoveries you’ll make as you spend your days roaming the coast 👌


There’s no denying the pure magic that’s waiting around every winding turn ✨


And if you’ve ever felt like you might belong among the wildflowers… don’t worry, you’ll fit right in here.


When it comes down to it, there’s nothing really that can compare to Prince Edward Island…


…and soaking in every bit of its beauty is the best way to spend your days! ❤️

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