5 Ways to Fall in Love with a PEI Autumn

Step outside and smell the fall air, feel the crisp breeze, and bundle up in a cozy sweater because autumn has hit and October is looking as beautiful as always! It’s not hard to imagine Anne of Green Gables day dreaming about the changing leaves and all of the delights that fall brings, and we would be remiss to skip out on experiencing all those wonderful parts of the season.

After a spectacular summer filled with adventure and fun, the only natural transition to fall is to keep up the explorations and bask in the beauty of a new season! So in case you need a little nudge to go from Netflix to nature, here’s our guide to experiencing fall in all its colourful, bountiful, dazzling glory!


1. Go Picking

What could be more quintessentially fall than picking the perfect pumpkins to carve, and walking row by row through a beautiful apple orchard? A visit to any one of the orchards across the island will have you enjoying the crisp air AND apples as you fill up a barrel and make plans for pie. Throw on some flannel, hop on a hay ride, and sip some cider… a visit to any of PEI’s orchards will be a highlight of your fall!



2. Hit the Trails & Explore the Parks

As the colours change and the air gets cool, PEI is brimming with beauty! From backyards to the rolling hills of trees as you drive around the island, the colours are truly breathtaking and they make you want to just run outside and into the arms of Mother Nature. Luckily, we live in a beautiful place full of ample opportunity to do just that! All across the island you’ll find trails and parks perfect for a quick stroll to a great hike – not to mention, the Confederation Trail which takes you tip to tip across the Island! From the Winter River, to Strathgartney, to the Black Marsh Nature Trail along the North Cape… you’ll surely find a piece of colourful bliss along the way.


3. A Perfect Paddle

Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean your days on the water are! In fact, as the air cools and the leaves change, a little time spent paddling is a refreshing way to see the island. You can choose to hit the open waters and paddle along the coast, or all across PEI you’ll find little inlets of water that offer an incredible experience no matter if you’re a beginner or experienced paddler. A morning spent along the Fortune River, or a calm afternoon glide through Mooney’s Pond? Nothing better.


4. Down the Red Dirt Roads

If you’ve never gone for a rambling drive down PEI’s back roads without a plan or care in the world, then you have missed out on some essential Island fun. It’s down these roads where you’ll fall in love with the island over and over again. As you drive or walk around down PEI’s old roads, you can imagine life on the island in years past and see glimpses of history around you. Before pavement and cars, when time slowed down and patience was rewarded, red dirt roads took you everywhere and a trip to Charlottetown was a thrill (although that still hasn’t changed!). Plan a back road adventure this fall and you might catch yourself imagining you’re Anne Shirley’s kindred spirit… and what a wonderful thing that would be!


5. Swoon Worthy Sunsets

And finally, a perfect fall day could never be complete without a stunning harvest sunset. If you thought that the magical wonders of the sky are reserved solely for the summer months, you couldn’t be more wrong! Maybe it’s the cozy factor, or maybe it’s the glow over an already colourful island in the peak of fall, but an autumn sunset is an incomparable sight to see. Whether you take in the view from your window, your car, or embrace the evening air and head outdoors, the Island sky’s nightly performance is a crowd pleaser with nothing but rave reviews.


However you choose to spend your fall, there’s no doubt that you’ll love every moment spent exploring the beauty of Prince Edward Island as the golds, reds, and oranges begin to peek through.  In fact, it’s a sure-fire guarantee that a little island nature will make you fall further in love with PEI with each falling leaf! So step outside, go exploring, smell the fresh air, and get to know PEI in a whole new way this season.

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