Confederation Trail

Confederation Trail

Prince Edward Island

This 15 km stretch of trail between Morell and St. Peter’s Bay is considered by many to be the most picturesque the island has to offer. Winding along the shoreline, the trail crosses the mouth of the Morell River on a 235 foot long bridge, provides a breath-taking view of Greenwich National Park across the water, and passes by a myriad of mussel socks in St. Peter’s Bay before arriving at St. Peter’s Landing.

Island Trails is a unique walking and cycling experience extending tip-to-tip across Prince Edward Island. Created on the bed of the Prince Edward Island Railway, it is 274km from Tignish in western PEI to the east end at Elmira. Including branches into coastal communities, the trail is 390km long. The trail passes through woodlands, farms, over bridges and along rivers offering unlimited opportunities for nature lovers, artists, historians, photographers, berry-pickers or anyone seeking a quiet place to enjoy the uniqueness of PEI.

There is no real wilderness on the Island. Frequent villages and towns offer services to trail explorers, and shelters are placed every 5km. The main trail in Points East Coastal Drive begins in Bedford and continues eastward through Morell along the coastline, beside St. Peter’s Bay and then inland to the Railway Museum at Elmira. Along the way, branch lines extend to Georgetown, Montague and Souris. For trail details check


Branches of Confederation Trail 


Mount Stewart to Georgetown

The 39.5km Mount Stewart to Georgetown trail meanders through mixed woodland, wetlands and farms as it crosses from the Hillsborough River flowing southwest to the Morell River flowing north and the Cardigan River flowing east. Just east of Cardigan, another branch leads 10km south from Cardigan Junction to Montague crossing scenic Brudenell Bridge en route.

Harmony Junction to Souris

The 9km trail section Harmony Junction to Souris turns south about 17km from the end of the main trail in Elmira. It winds downhill through stands of hardwood and open fields to a panoramic view of the Souris River estuary. The route passes through downtown Souris and ends on the waterfront.

Iona to Wood Islands

Separate from other parts of the Confederation Trail, the Iona to Wood Islands to Murray Harbour trail section traverses 40km from the upland community of Iona to the Plough the Waves Centre near the ferry terminal at Wood Islands and then to the coastal communities of Murray River and Murray Harbour. In wintertime this trail provides an extensive snowmobiling ride.