Where All Roads Lead to Paradise

Though the world has become complicated these past few weeks, and our ability to travel in the near future seems a little uncertain, we can still take a vacation in our minds to the places we love, and to places we have yet to experience!

Find some tranquility on these rambling back roads and beautiful paths. Let’s all let our hair down, relax, disconnect, and see what’s in store for us outdoors in the months to come. PEI is the land of slowing down, breathing deep, and getting away from the noise. And now, as the snow melts away and the weather slowly warms, we’re readier than ever for the trees to green and the flowers bloom. Until then, maybe we can all take a little mental vacation, sit back, relax, and daydream of these paths to paradise!


A little red dirt back-road exploration is good for the soul.


With 63 lighthouses across the island, the path to their discovery is the perfect adventure!


It’s in these quiet spaces that you can step away from the noise, breathe deep, and smile big… real big.


The perfect road to hop, skip, and jump like kids on your way to a beach day. Being adults is overrated anyway, right?


Can you feel like sunshine and warmth through the screen? Golden hour is best observed surrounded by green trees and red dirt.


The closer the coast, the happier our hearts.


Ending the day by walking this path is bliss. Pure bliss!


Each day that passes is a day closer to another Island summer of our dreams! Here’s to roads that roll across secluded countryside, to following sandy footprints toward a sunset on the shore, to picking wildflowers as the sun dips beneath the horizon, and to making each and every summer day count. Are you ready to make this daydream a reality? We sure are.

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