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You Definitely Should NOT Visit PEI this Fall

Whatever you do, let us just say this: you absolutely do NOT want to come to PEI this fall. “But why? We’ve always been told it’s incredible!” you might ask. To you we say, “Lies.” The fall season is meant to be about crisp air, outdoor adventure, cozying up inside to relax, the rich flavours of the season, and endless outdoor adventure, and there’s certainly nothing like any of that here. Don’t take our word for it, we’re here with few examples of why an autumn getaway to Prince Edward Island is absolutely NOT what you need right now.


Those terrible views…

First of all, the views? Why would you ever want to go out of your way to see these? No one needs this much jaw-dropping beauty, drenched in colour and glowing with Mother Nature’s absolute best. It just seems unnecessary.


Get us away from the ocean!

And as if the thought of the outdoors couldn’t get any worse, can you imagine having this as your view for your autumnal adventures?! Life at sea is NOT the life for me… or however that saying goes. Avert your eyes!


Rest and Relaxation? No thanks.

The mere thought of staying one of PEI’s resorts just makes us yawn. Who needs rest, relaxation, AND fun at Mill River? Or city skyline and ocean views at the Delta? Hot tubbing under the stars at Treetop Haven or next-level hospitality at The Great George? That’s a quick ‘No thank you’ from us! Who needs crisp white sheets and room service when you can fall asleep on the couch at home (again).


You’re STILL golfing?!

And ugh, GOLF? Haven’t you had enough of that? The very thought of the scenic views of PEI’s top golf courses getting doused in fall colours at Stanhope Golf & Country Club, or the warm autumn sun beating down on us during a late season game at Anderson’s Creek just makes us squirm. Mill River has even gone so far as to you the option to use a golf simulator for when the weather isn’t right for their dreamy green course. Some people just don’t know when enough’s enough.


Too much art! Too much culture!

We’re not sure why you’d want to sign up for an evening of live music in Charlottetown. Why would you want to see the inside of the Trailside Café’s new location to take in the incredible vocals of someone like Irish Mythen or Dylan Menzie when you could stay home and sing softly off-key to yourself instead? And just because the Confederation Centre’s LIVE! @ The Centre fall lineup looks amazing does not mean you should *actually* go out for a night on the town to enjoy yourself.


We’ll pass on the tasty food, thanks.

If there’s one thing that’s lacking on PEI it is obviously a rock solid array of exceptional food. Honestly, how far can local produce, fresh and juicy lobster, and locally raised and aged beef get you? And just because PEI is the home of the Culinary Institute of Canada, or because there’s an incredible variety of restaurants, or because our local chefs are extremely talented, it doesn’t mean the award-winning, mouth-watering, flavour-packed creations are going to even be worth trying. Savour those pictures of jerk-spiced crab legs or famous Surf n’ Turf at the Claddagh, or the brilliant new fall menu at the quaint Landmark Café, or the perfectly grilled steak and epic wine list at Sims, while you instead indulge in the questionable leftovers harvested from your very own fridge.


Who needs adventure anyway?

And finally, why would you want to spend one single second in the great outdoors when it looks like this? A paddle down the tree-lined Bonshaw River? Yawn. Seeing wildlife and breathing in the crisp air along the Dromore Woodland Trail or Strathgartney Provincial Park? Why bother! A bike ride along the Island-wide Confederation Trail is definitely not a refreshing way to spend the day on PEI this fall. And catching an Island sunset over the epic dunes as you stroll over the water at the Greenwich boardwalk? AVOID!


Clearly, there’s nothing worthwhile seeing here on Prince Edward Island, so travellers, beware! Despite what you may have heard and whatever you may be feeling, there is simply no point in coming to visit this very bland island in the fall. If, by chance, you don’t take our advice and end up here anyway… well, good luck to you! The only things you’ll find are majestic colours, food that blows your mind, incredible talent, and way too much outdoor adventure. Our apologies in advance for what you will endure here on PEI this fall. 

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