22 Magic Moments from a PEI Summer

The total magic of a PEI summertime is never lost on those of us who get to spend it on PEI. Rolling hills are alive with crops, the work of farmers spending long days mixing passion with light and rain and always just a little luck. Blue-green seas toss and roll as fishers set sail each day, on a mission for the big catch. Those same seas produce the most joyful chorus of laughter when beach days turn into beach nights and the sun seems to scatter into a million stars in the sky.

There is magic in this Island.

As the last weeks of summer approach and life returns to the routine of school and work, here are a few of our favourite gifts the island has given us this summer!


What a wonderful, magical place PEI is✨


There’s nothing like summertime sun and a good ol’ backroad adventure ✨🌿


… with long walks on the beach made even better with a PEI fire sky! 🔥


There’s a stunning simplicity to the French River ❤️


Is rugged beauty what your eye yearns for? Just around the corner is Cape Tryon! 😲


Nothing is quite as wonderful as a coastal adventure 👏

But it’s roads like this that will make you feel like you’re living life right out of a Lucy Maud Montgomery novel! 📚🌿


PEI sunrises are so incredible, they’ll turn you into a morning person 😉


And with skies like this, we’ll be stargazing all night long! ✨😍

A brilliant view made even better by this masterpiece 👏



And these friends have a pretty great view, don’t you think? 🐄


If you’re feeling a little starry-eyed over PEI, don’t worry because same 🙋🏽‍♀️😍✨



The love for the island is real 💙


…and around every corner is a new path to perfection 😍


We’re pretty sure this is where magic lives and dreams come true ✨😍


…where evenings on the water simply can’t be beat 🧡


…and where hay fields are some of the most marvellous sights you ever did see 😍


There’s nothing quite as lovely as a dreamy summer day on PEI 💕


And sights like this give you plenty to dream and talk about!🙌👏


But sometimes PEI’s wonder and beauty just leaves you speechless 💕


A summer on the island is nothing short of truly incredible. From day break to sundown and everything in between, PEI seems to show up in all its’ glory everywhere you look! Little but mightily beautiful, a Prince Edward Island summer is a dream come true year after year after year!


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