Goodbye Spring, Hello Island Summer!

As the last days of Spring gently fade into Summer, we look back on the season and all the beauty it showed! Spring brought beach visits, vibrant risings and settings of the sun, and of course, the beginning of the farming and fishing season, which fills our bellies full of rich and delicious island treats. PEI seems to breathe out beauty especially¬†in the spring, and Islanders jump at the chance to be part of it. Let’s celebrate the best of the season as we enjoy these last days of Spring and look ahead to Summer!



A surefire sign of spring? A beautiful Setting Day send off!



Views like this to start the day are a little bonus for our hardworking fishermen and women! 😍🎣



And back on land, Spring time brings back the classic backyard view: rows and rows of taters! 🥔🚜



Spring means finally getting outside just to sit and admire the beauty around you 😍



And let’s be honest… the beauty is totally astounding! 🙌



If you’re still looking for proof that PEI is a magical place, you just have to look around – it’s everywhere!✨🌈



Whether that magic is found in the golden hour glow… ✨



…or row-by-row in every colour of the rainbow! 💐



Your Sunday drives get a little more interactive 🐄



And don’t be fooled! Here in PEI, it’s not just cows that you find in the fields 😉🦙



Evenings are officially the best part of the day now. Greenwich at sunset? Nothing better! 👏



Even the Confederation Bridge looks extra stunning this time of year 💜



Spring time means longer days filled with beach trips, sunshine, and beauty…🌈



and days filled with adventure, exploration, and fun…



when every path leads to another breathtaking view! 😍



There will always a debate about the North vs. South shore… 🌊



but at the end of the day, they are both utterly perfect¬† 🧡

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