Epic PEI from the Sky

Going on a long, leisurely drive around PEI can showcase some of the most beautiful sights you’ve ever seen. But don’t you wish you could just… up… up… and away, to see PEI in all it’s glory from above? Instead of hopping on a plane or growing a pair of wings, keep scrolling to look at all of PEI’s epic sights from the sky.

Start the car… it’s time to go for a drive 😍

PEI is a little slice of wonderland 🌎

Summer nights just get better and better!

Our very own Island paint swatch 🎨


Another gorgeous morning Down East…

…and safe return home at the end of the day ⚓️

Red dirt coastal wanderings 🌲

Those summer Snowbirds make and create quite the view ✈️


Well now PEI’s just showing off  👏🏻

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