The Best of Summer in PEI

As summer slowly winds its way down and cooler mornings and evenings bookend our days, it’s comforting to look back at the summer days that have come and gone. This summer was hot-hot-hot, and all of Prince Edward Island’s beauty was showing up and showing off with each sunset, beach day, road trip, and even rain cloud! Here’s a look back at PEI’s mesmerizing views throughout the last few months as we prepare for all the beauty the next season will have to offer.

There’s nothing quite like that shimmering glow of the ocean at sunrise! 


Layer upon layer of unique PEI beauty can be found in PEI potato fields.

The most relaxing evenings you could think of.

There’s always a great way to put your golden-hour time to good use along the North Cape Coastal Drive.

Beach days upon beach days upon beach days.

PEI has its own very colourful paint swatch 🎨

Pretty in pink! 

The perfect little hide-out.


Start the car… it’s always time to go for a drive 🚙

Island Red looks even better with that perfect sunset glow.

A little bit of paradise can always get you through 🙌🏼

Rainy day? No problem. Make it a beach day anyway! ⛈


Just a quick and beautiful sail home on board Northumberland Ferries 

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