The Dazzling Colours of a PEI Fall

There’s something about the magic of a fall day that makes us want to swing open the door and run into the great outdoors. The smell! The colour! The crisp air! Sweater weather brings us joy but nothing makes us quite as giddy as the sights of Prince Edward Island on a perfect autumn day.

From sunrise to sunset, PEI glistens and gleams in new, warm hues that make the transition from summer not only that much easier, but a genuine delight. It’s nearly impossible not to reach for a camera to capture each magical scene you see, and for that we are grateful. A compilation of extraordinary colour, serene wonderlands, and wanderlust for your own island awaits!


These country roads that take us home steal our hearts on the daily. 💛


And a peaceful, serene, and colourful October sunset sure does take the cake!


PEI is our own little wonderland to explore to our heart’s content…


Upside down, right-side up, or even sideways… PEI looks gorgeous no matter how you look at it 😍


Discovering all of PEI’s charm is made even better in the colourful glow of fall…


…and more often that not, your afternoon stroll looks like a scene straight out of a dream 😍


You never know when the leaves will decide to pop with colour, but when they do the transformation is totally astounding!


And though stunning in every season, Mother Nature works her magic on French River each fall ❤️


Autumn harvest is always a beautiful, beautiful thing! 🙌


And a moody & broody dirt road? Well that’s just PEI showing off. 😉


Not to mention these autumn skies that certainly do like to put on a show.


It should be obvious by now that Prince Edward Island is home to the most magnificent of views…


…and there’s no doubt about it, this is the stuff that autumn dreams are made of! ❤️


We can’t get enough of the ravishing colours that fall upon the island in these autumn months. There’s a hint of magic found as you step into the fresh air, and somehow time speeds by and slows down all at once. This season seems to leave as soon as it gets here, but for now, head outside, breathe deep, and explore the glory of fall in Prince Edward Island!

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