8 Next-Level Autumn Adventures on PEI

When fall takes over on PEI, it’s as if a new season of adventure unfolds around the entire island. Nature’s paintbrush transforms the landscape with vibrant colours and as the air chills the urge to throw on a sweater and get outside before the cold sets in is hard to resist! There are oodles of opportunities to inspire you to get out there and explore and we can’t get enough of all the adventures that await!

Discovering the great outdoors

Becoming one with nature is a little easier to do this time of year, don’t you think? As outings switch from beach visits to hiking trails, we are reminded that there’s nothing more extravagant than the glory of a fall day amidst the leaves. For an autumn adventure in the great outdoors, add Mooney’s Pond, Bonshaw Provincial Park, Winter River Trail, and the Black Marsh Trail to your list of Island destinations you can’t miss this fall.


Try something new at Mill River Resort

Getting outside and enjoying the crisp air can be an adventure, and at Mill River Resort they’re giving you ample opportunity to enjoy it to the max! Not only do their trails offer gorgeous views meandering through the mature forest, but their new additions of disc golf and fat biking kick the fall fun up a notch. And the perfect end to a fun-filled day? Dine in style at Callaghan’s Restaurant & Bar. We’ll meet you there!


Explore the red dirt roads

If you’re looking for the ideal Island experience, exploring the bright red back roads of PEI will make you feel like you’ve been plucked from reality and transported to the middle of an Anne of Green Gables book! The smell of the trees and dirt, the total peace and quiet of these back country roads, and the absolutely breathtaking beauty every where you look are enough to inspire anyone! It’s just so blissfully PEI that you can’t help but smile, be grateful, and fall even more in love with this Island.


Find a fuzzy friend at Green Gable Alpacas 

It’s the time of year to start getting cozy, and what’s cozier than a farm full of fluffy animals? Green Gable Alpacas is home to some of the most adorable four-legged friends around. Located in Birch Hill along the North Cape Coastal Drive, the farm is, first and foremost, a shop for fine fibres and wool. But lucky for us it’s also a welcoming farmhouse for those who want to be surrounded by complete and utter cuteness for an afternoon. So whether you’re looking to knit something great or just make a fuzzy new friend, we think this is a mighty fine spot to while away a fall day!


Get out on the water

Just because summer is over it doesn’t mean that the water is off limits! Sure, it’s definitely too cold for bikinis and board shorts, but a paddle on a stunning fall day? There’s simply nothing like it! Shelter from the wind along Winter River, paddle among the changing colours at Mooney’s Pond, experience the raw beauty along North Cape, or behold the unique shores off Victoria by the Sea. What a refreshing way to embrace the beauty of our epic coastline!


Travel by horseback

To explore the sandy beaches and tree-covered trails by foot is a beautiful experience to be sure, but Jasper Sunrise Wildwood wants to show you a far more exciting way to spend your days – experiencing the beauty of PEI on horseback. Enjoy a tranquil trail ride or head out to the Miminegash shore for beach ride. This is an experience well-worth taking, but these rides are only offered until the snow covers the trails so make sure to get out soon!


Sip & savour the flavours of PEI

What’s fall without the amazing flavours of our harvest season?! PEI is a culinary hot spot and the change of seasons means you have all the more reason to get out and find your new favourite meal (or maybe just keep going back to your all-time faves). From Craft Breweries like the PEI Brewing Company (psst: don’t skip their food menu either!), cozy comforts like Churchill Arms, new restaurants like Thatchers at Bogside Brewing, or fresh, local, and downright beautiful meals from Sims, Merchantman, or The Pilot House… trust us, there’s no shortage of incredible fall meals to dive into!


Turn your day-cation into a stay-cation at The Arts Hotel

Downtown Charlottetown’s newest accommodation is definitely making waves as one of the coolest! The Arts Hotel is a new, colourful, music-filled hotel than understands the value of a quality stay and doing so on a budget. Each room is decked out in local art, outrageously comfortable beds, and truly incredible showers. What more could you want?! The great part is The Arts Hotel’s bottom floor is home to the Trailside Music Hall where all year long artists take the stage for sold out shows, and the audience is wooed by a night of great food, great  drink, and fantastic entertainment. And to have an evening show in the same building as your staycation’s room for the night? Now that is what we call good service.


Discovering the fun and adventure thats possible with each new season is part of the magic of being on the Island! Life here sure is sweet no matter what time of year. But exploring Prince Edward Island in the beauty of fall? That really takes the cake!

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