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The Spud Is King

PEI Potatoes

Take a drive through the Island countryside this summer and you will be greeted with lush fields of what are arguably the best tasting spuds in the world.

Growers know that the key to their future is environmental sustainability and land stewardship. This is accomplished through crop rotation, prevention of soil erosion, integrated pest management and continuous improvement of production practices. They work hard to protect our Island environment to ensure successful family farms for generations to come.

Island potatoes have taken their share of awards at national and international competitions, and they have been garnering accolades from consumers across the world for over 200 years.  Close to 60 per cent of the Island crop goes to processing, being turned into everything from french fries to potato flakes to potato chips. Another 30 per of the crop makes its way to retail markets across Canada, USA and around the world.

During harvest time, roadside stands offering potatoes as “fresh” as they come are a fixture.  Our Island insiders are convinced nothing tastes as good. The remaining ten per cent of the spuds are seed for next year’s crop to make sure the tradition of quality continues.

Don’t just enjoy our potatoes during your Island visit. Look for them at the grocery store when you get back home.

— Insider’s Tip —

Prince Edward Island Potatoes for breakfast, lunch, supper, and even dessert!
There’s endless ways to make potatoes delicious for every meal and every guest with these recipes.


PEI Potato Board
PEI Potato Board
PEI Potato Board
PEI Potato Board