Discover Charming PEI

A visit to PEI in the summer is basically a necessity, and while the beaches, food, and everything Anne are enough of a draw themselves, there is something unique about PEI that pulls you in. The Island way helps relieve you from your everyday busy lifestyle, and adventuring through the little towns, attractions, and businesses is the ideal way to escape into a slower, relaxing world, even if only for a short time!

Check out some of the most charming stops to make across PEI to learn, shop, have fun, and satisfy your sweet tooth!


Victoria by the Sea

Without a doubt, Victoria by the Sea is the headliner for a quaint and charming day on Prince Edward Island. Taking a few hours – or even an entire day! – to roam around this cozy village will immediately slow you down to appreciate the finer things. By finer things, we of course mean delicious Island Chocolates, roaming store to store for beautiful handcrafted pottery or woollen blankets, intriguing antiques, or taking a slow stroll to gaze on the water-side views. Don’t forget to take in a play at PEI’s longest running little theatre, The Victoria Playhouse, and you absolutely can’t miss seeing the village’s treasure – PEI’s Biggest Tree!


Island Winds

Picture this: You wake up in the morning and open the curtains to let the warm sunshine peak through your windows. You grab a steaming hot cup of coffee, throw some laundry to dry on the line outside, and you sit on your front porch listening to the birds chirping and church bells in the distance. A perfect PEI morning. Island Winds gives you that same feeling wherever home is for you, by creating wind chimes produced with the purest, most musical tones that are reminiscent of PEI. Visiting Island Winds to purchase a charming gift or souvenir is taking a step into the artsy, unique life of the Island, and is a visit you’ll hear sweet memories of even when you leave.


The Indian River Festival

All summer long there is beautiful music swirling through the hand crafted, stunning, wooden walls of St. Mary’s Church, home of The Indian River Festival. Built particularly for its jaw-dropping acoustics, playing music on this stage is a bucket list item for musicians all over the world. With a line-up each summer of talent ranging from classical, to singer-songwriter, to jazz, local and international alike, there’s a concert waiting to catch the attention of everyone who stops in. And speaking of stopping in… if you don’t happen to get tickets for a show, certainly make time to step inside the doors to witness the beauty of the building itself!


Tony Diodati Art Gallery

What was once used as a cookhouse for fisherman, the little shop alongside the French River Cannery and New London Bay is now used as Tony Diodati’s Art Gallery. On the outside, you can find Tony’s gardens lush with flowers in bloom for the season, but on the inside is where you will find yourself caught up staring at Tony’s many pieces of art, inspired by the Island sights around him and his travels. Tony’s creatives are to be admired, discussed, and loved, and by placing the piece that stands out to you most in your own home, you’re guaranteed to be inspired by the Island in your daily life as well.


The Bottle Houses 

What started as just a hobby for an Island man named Edouard became a must-see captivating location for Islanders and visitors alike. Inspired by a postcard sent by his daughter of a glass castle in British Columbia, Edouard started collecting, cleaning, and cementing together over 25,000 glass bottles from the local community to create the Bottle Houses in Cap-Egmont. Three fantasy-like buildings have been formed for you to wander around as the sunshine pours through each one creating a mystical view out of the environmentally friendly, inspirational landscape.


Wyatt Historic House Museum

Take a step back through time and see life through an 1800’s lens. The Wyatt Historic House Museum tour is a walk through history as you learn about all the differences – and even more interestingly – all the similarities, between life then and now. Thousands of artifacts are shown as you are guided through the family home of Wanda Wyatt and each one has its own story to tell. Accompanied by the other properties that are part of its’ history, the Wyatt Heritage House Museum will spark interest in anyone who has the opportunity to learn from it.


Holman’s Ice Cream Parlour

Speaking of stepping back in time… If there’s one thing better than ice cream, it’s homemade, old fashioned ice cream! In a home that has a history that dates back to the 1800’s, this home is commonly known around town as the “Holman Homestead”, home of Robert Holman (and his wife Ellen), a well-known businessman in Summerside days’ past. Keeping the charm and character of the historic house, it has since been turned into a family-run business serving scoop after scoop of delicious ice cream, and even handcrafting your favourite soda from an authentic 80-year-old soda fountain. Grab a treat, wander throughout the home, roam the garden, or even sit for a bonfire and let the delicious history of Holman’s Ice Cream Parlour take you back.


Green Gables Heritage Museum

In the land of Anne, there is no shortage of sites to visit to get a glimpse into L.M. Montgomery’s imagination for her books, but the Green Gables Heritage Museum is sure to be your starting point. Located in Cavendish, the museum highlights the heritage of the area and portrays L.M.M’s role as an author of national significance. Walk through the inspired Green Gables house, stroll hand in hand down Lover’s Lane, or let your imagination run in the Haunted Woods. From there, you can move on to other Anne of Green Gables treasures across the island!


Upstreet Craft Brewing

After your travels are complete and it’s (unfortunately) time to settle back into your daily work grind, the transition can be made a little easier with a local brew at the end of the day reminding you of a simpler, more peaceful, PEI time. Upstreet Craft Brewing pairs their deliciously brewed beers with the charm, wit, and quirks of the Island allowing you to dig a little deeper into your Island roots or Island dreams with each sip, with PEI sayings under the caps like “Who’s Yer Father?”, “Happy as a clam at high tide”, and “Now that’s another kettle of fish altogether”.  You can pick up their range of products at any of PEI’s Liquor Stores on your way home, but our suggestion is that you first make Upstreet a stop all of its’ own to meet the team, do a little taste testing, and try their mouthwatering menu. 

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