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There are eight different wind chime tunes to choose from, each specifically designed and tuned to create a certain melody. Choose your favorite and take it home.

Imagine drifting away to the gentle sounds of Prince Edward Island blowing in the breeze as a hand-tuned wind chime made by Island Winds, the original Gale Force wind chime, evokes a mildly meditative state of calm focus where time stands still.

The wind chimes produce the purest, most musical tones that are reminiscent of the Island, whether it’s the relaxing deep sounds of the ocean waves, the charming rattle of cowbells hanging around necks of grazing cattle in the meadows, the rich tone of distant church bells, or even the jaunty melodies of Anne of Green Gables – The Musical.

If you are looking for a unique gift or souvenir of the Island, these wind chimes are perfect. They are built to last using select durable hardwood, stainless steel alloy and indestructible components, while adding a lovely dimension to any environment.

Sit on your porch on a warm summer’s day and get swept away by the peaceful tones and gently swaying sounds of the sea as you watch the colourful stained glass wind catcher reflect the sunlight, while each piece delicately clinks together.

For more than 30 years Island Winds have been handcrafting these high quality chimes to sooth the soul. They proudly offer a “Lifetime Plus One” Guarantee where you can send back your chime at any point to have it repaired, at no charge.

These beautiful, whimsical wind chimes are available at many stores and gift shops across P.E.I. And by supporting local you help ensure not only the survival of these personalized products, but the business, the community, as well as innovation and growth.


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