Daydreams of a PEI Summer

As the snow falls, the cold air blows, and we all stay bundled up in our homes to stay warm, there’s no denying the fact that we’re all daydreaming of a PEI summer right about now. Whether you’re on the island, slowly watching the ocean freeze over and blanket of white build up, or you’re a PEI-lover from miles away, the thoughts of a warm July and August day, filled with the vibrant blues, greens, and reds of summer is what fills all our minds alike.

Cotton candy skies, slow walks by the water, adventures that last from sun up to sun down… the thoughts of a Prince Edward Island summer’s day bring joy, cheer, and let’s be honest, a little bit of longing. While we wait out the magical white winter for warmer days to come, let’s dive into the daydream that is summer on the Island!



PEI never fails to be a picture perfect paradise 😍


With sunsets that make your heart flutter 😍


And vibrant greens and blues that are near and dear to our Island-loving hearts! 💚💙


A day spent exploring these roads is the best kind of PEI day 👌


That peaceful calm of being on the water at sunset… there’s nothing like it! 🌊❤️


Stop. Stare. Repeat. 😍



We spend all year dreaming of adventures like theseĀ  😍


And when the time comes, we’re gearing to ready, set, RUN to the beach! 🌊☀️


From peaceful paddling along the North Shore…🧡


To the most fun kind of summer selfie 📸


We’re more than willing to hop in the car and head to the sea! 👌👌👌


Singing sands and crashing waves are the sounds of bliss. 🎶


The oceanside is the perfect place to rest and relax ❤️


And when we say “we can’t wait to hang out with you”, this is exactly what we mean 😍



Every corner of this island glistens in the summer…



From mornings on the Row… 💕


…to a lupin-filled French River… 💜


PEI just keeps doing what PEI does best: Leaving us speechless 😍



By day, PEI is extraordinary, but by night? Absolutely magical. ✨


And a bird’s-eye view might just be the very best view! 😍



How many times can we say that we’re grateful for Prince Edward Island? Is a million enough? Not even close. 😍


There may be months yet until these warm, glistening days on the Island, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spend our days planning out our dream PEI summer… whether that be in 2021 or beyond! From the North Cape to East Point lighthouse (and every beach, field, cliff, and street in between!), we all have big dreams for our next Island adventure, whether we’re drawing from memories or plucking from our bucket list. Whatever our Prince Edward Island goals may be, in the meantime let’s all sit back, relax, and let the daydreaming begin!


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