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The Colours of Winter on PEI

Winter lovers know this time of year is special on Prince Edward Island. Around every corner there is something stunning to appreciate. The sun paints the landscape with the most flattering light, illuminating every texture and shade like an artist does its favourite muse. As we near the end of winter, be sure to step outside and truly soak it in. Feel the energy return to the sky as the sun awakens the sea and soil from beneath winter’s snowy blanket.

Even in the winter there is no shortage of beautiful colour on PEI. The combination of fresh white powder on red rock makes for stunning photography!


How do you make an adventure through Prince Edward Island trails even more beautiful? Just add snow!


Even the sea rests beneath an icy layer. The late winter’s warmth brings movement back to the ocean as sheets of solid ice give way to impressive ice clampers that dance along the tide.


Backlit by a strengthening sun, countless shades of white and grey blend seamlessly together over the dormant dune grass by the Covehead Lighthouse. Along the horizon it’s difficult to tell where the pristine snow ends and the sky begins.


For just a short while longer, the surf is held still against the bright red cliffs of Orby Head. Ice formations will soon begin to drip and join the water below as the sun reminds the sea to move.


On a warmer winter’s day the setting sun bathes Orby Head in a golden, pink light.


A fresh dusting of snow pops against the rich blue sky and brings green to the walls of shady trees. The electric sun beckons adventurers down this tree lined, country road in rural PEI.


The late winter’s thaw reveals golden sands from beneath the snowy shores at Panmure Island. Even a muted sky paints subtle colours on the neutral wintery canvas.


A rolling sky unfurls with light and pastel shades against the stillness of last summer’s hay. Here, the quiet of the peaceful landscape amplifies the bold renaissance sky.

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