Falling for Fall in PEI

Autumn is in full force and everywhere you turn you’ll find the awe-inspiring colours of autumn. Deep golds, bright oranges, and vibrant reds make PEI a haven for photographers and nature lovers alike. Get ready to fall head over heels for Prince Edward Island.

The stunning reflections of a PEI October is hard to surpass.


Nature’s colours make for picture perfect days along the North Cape Coastal Drive.


A crisp morning walk is the perfect opportunity to appreciate all that’s beautiful in the world.


If there was ever a time for kayaking down a river, this is it. Autumnal reflections mean double the colours!


It’s easy to be a morning person with misty colourful views like these.


Drive a little slower down PEI’s winding roads to take in the glimmering colours of a bright autumn day.


The colours don’t stop at the leaves! You haven’t seen red until you’ve watched the sun set over a potato field at harvest.


The expanse of colours on a crisp PEI day can truly take your breath away.