Getting Here

Take to the PEI Skies!

It’s one thing to see the beauty of Prince Edward Island with two feet on the ground. Being up close and personal with the beauty all around you is utter bliss! But, there is something indescribable about taking to the skies and seeing the bright, radiant colours of ocean blue, dirt-road red, and potato-field green.

PEI’s landscape is known for its beautiful patchwork quilt of greens, yellows, golds and reds. And once you see it from above, you’ll understand why! Each different plot of land is distinguishable with its own unique colour and seasonal harvest and it’s only from the skies that this epic view can be seen. So whether you’re hopping a flight at the Charlottetown Airport, discovering the fun of drone photography, or scoping out the sights through the world-wide-web, a bird’s-eye view of this gentle isle is not something you’ll ever forget!



You don’t know how epic your paddling adventures truly are until you see them from above! 


And speaking of epic, the Confederation Bridge is seriously incredible the higher up you go.↗️↗️↗️


Even from up here, you can see PEI doing what PEI does best:
Leaving us speechless 😍


If you’re wondering, no, these Charlottetown sights NEVER get old!


When flying high above, there’s always new PEI marvels to behold.


And of course, there’s those iconic Island views that you can never forget.


Unique corners of the Island give you a whole new sense of adventure up here.


And that patchwork quilt is a complete work of art that’s only visible from above! ✈️


Springtime colours are best seen from the sky.🌷


And our favourite colour: Red on red on red. PEI red, that is. 😍


You can really see that country traffic from the sky. 😉


Flying above the Island morning calm… sigh, there’s nothing like it!


And the cozy quiet calm of a seaside evening is felt even more deeply up here.


The North Cape experience is seriously taken up a notch from way up top! 🤯➡️


Sunsets just seem even more legendary from up here.


And the hustle and bustle of ocean and city life side-by-side is seen so clearly from the skies!⛵️


If you thought Charlottetown was beautiful before, just wait until you see it high above the cityscapes.


And those countryside red dirt roads carve a path right to our hearts! 🚗



Each and every iconic PEI scene is even more incredible as you soar up to the sky.


We weren’t kidding, taking to the skies above Prince Edward Island truly does showcase the beauty of this majestic place in a whole new way. Those bold colours, unique coastlines, and favourite spots where memories are made all come together to make the most magical scene from the sky. From farmland, to red sands, and ocean blue to city lights… PEI from the sky is a view you can’t beat! 😍

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