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70 Miles of Adventure

Every September, Islanders line the roads of Eastern PEI with goodies to sell for the 70 Mile Coastal Yard Sale. Bargain hunters, treasure seekers and generally curious people travel from far and wide to spend hours visiting booth after booth searching for a unique bargain, or diamond in the rough. This two-day event has become a fond tradition for Islanders and visitors alike, as they rush to get the best finds before someone else.

After a 2-year hiatus, the anticipated treasure hunt returned in 2022 and the excitement was felt throughout the Maritimes. Check out what vintage enthusiast, Brigid Milway, scored on her search!

That feeling the moment you hit the Island is always instant. Relaxation sweeps over you as you surround yourself with that brighter shade of green. Unless that is, you’re on the Island for a mission- to score the best finds from the annual 70 Mile Yard Sale before someone else does!  

DAY 1: 

We started our 70-mile trek in Montague. In the first 2 stops, I found the score of the century which set my level of excitement through the roof! This mid-century light fixture sat covered in dust in a cardboard box in the middle of a church basement and was marked at just $2.  

Herda BV Light Fixture

Purchase Price: $2
Actual Value: $350 


We continued the day making multiple stops throughout Caledonia and Murray River before an extended break in Wood Islands for some hot dogs and of course, more buying! The trunk was already half full at this point. Finds were plentiful and prices were low! I was in heaven. 

When we hit Point Prim I put aside my panic that everyone ahead of me was going to find that next perfect item ahead of me so that my family could stretch their legs and discover the magical spot that is Hannah’s Bottle Village! My patience paid off as I spent more time rooting through a box of old hats to find my second huge find of the day for just $3. 

Sky Dome SnapBack Hat 

Purchase Price: $3
Actual Value: $45 


We capped the day travelling through Stratford to hit a few of my favourite vendors before heading to Charlottetown for the night. We stopped in at the PEI Brewing Co to grab a few beers to bring home and played a rousing tournament of foosball with the kids before heading to Merchantman for a relaxing and delicious dinner (and of course, ice cream at Cows!) 


DAY 2: 

We took a more relaxed approach to the morning. The host at our first stop was a huge collector and his garage was absolutely filled. Their dog Allie was the main attraction for the kids (which meant I could take my time!)  From there we headed to Poole’s Corner where the Bingo Hall was filled with treasures and I found my next big score! 

Light Up Santa 

Purchase Price: $5
Actual Value: $75 

We stopped through Mount Vernon to cram a final few things into the trunk before heading back to Wood Islands. After so much time in the car, the ferry was the perfect choice to make our journey home.  

The kids loved being on the water and we all enjoyed the fantastic views as we sailed back to NS. I’m already dreaming of what I’ll find next time!   

The 2023 70 Mile Coastal Yardsale is taking place September 23rd & 24th (postponed original dates due to weather)! Be sure to check out the hub in Wood Island for hundreds of vendors, live music, and a BBQ! What treasures will you find?

Brigid Milway (@whattheseoldthings) is a hunter of nostalgia whose family roots are on Prince Edward Island. When not out searching for vintage treasures, she operates an online vintage shop called What, These Old Things? and runs The Curio Collective Vintage Shows seasonally in Halifax, NS. 

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