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Our skilled PEI craftspeople, producers and artisans are busy year-round creating one-of-a-kind treats and treasures you simply won’t find anywhere else. Experience a piece of Prince Edward Island from the comfort of your home when you Shop Prince Edward Island.

Student Survival Kit - $24.98 (plus taxes + shipping)

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Anne of Green Gables Chocolates creates premium handmade products using only the freshest ingredients.

The Student Survival Kit contains:
COW Chips (85g), Lucky Fox Caramel Corn (50g), Single Chocolate Bar (40g), Chocolate Covered Pretzels (70g), Bagged Candy (150g), Bottle Caps (50g), Airheads x 2 (15.6g), Candy Sticks x 3 (11g), Fizz Candy x 2 (17.5g), Shock Rocks (9g).

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Over the Moon Box - $125.00 (plus taxes; shipping is included)

COWS Creamery is famous for its award-winning cheeses and butter.

The Over the Moo Box contains:
Three pieces of Cheddar - Avonlea Clothbound, Extra Old and Appletree Smoked, two pieces of Butter - Sea Salted and Cultured, Cheddar Pop, freshly baked COWS Butter Biscuits, Receiver Butter Crackers, Prince Edward Island Honey, Avonlea Preserves, COW CHIPS, and COWS Caramel Corn.

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Raspberry Point Oysters - from $25/10 count (plus taxes; shipping is included)

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Harvested from one of the most northern stocks of oysters in North America, these oysters take about 6 years to reach market size. This cold water growing area produces this beautiful 3 to 3½ inch oyster. They have a wonderful salty taste, clean flavour with a delightful sweet finish.

*Available in 25, 50, and 100 count quantities.

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‘Key of C’ Chime - $80.00 (plus taxes + shipping)

Island Winds handcrafts and musically tunes windchimes proudly made on PEI since 1981.

The ‘Key of C’ chimes have tubular bells tuned harmonically in the Key of C. The bells are steel alloy tubing, one inch diameter from 11 inches to 21 inches in length and suspended from a 6" diameter wood disc. As with all our chimes, we offer a wood or stained-glass disc in a variety of colors for the pendulum or windcatcher.

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