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Mysa is committed to a fully renewable resource to power their spa facilities. Wood fuel is sourced through sustainable thinning by identifying and removing trees that are either standing dead wood or are crowding/stunting the surrounding growth.

Mysa (mee-sah): to be cozy.

Get ready to sink into ultimate relaxation at PEI’s first and only Nordic Spa & Resort! Nestled within 18 acres along the beautiful St. Peter’s Bay, the resort features 17 water-view accommodations, top-tier food and beverage services, and a state-of-the-art thermal spa.

The Thermal Experience is Mysa’s main feature, inspired by the ancient Scandinavian practice of cycling through hot and cold immersions followed by a period of rest to release stress and tension, and allow you to slip into a state of absolute tranquility. So, hot, cold, rest, repeat. The result is the blissful sensation akin to finally sinking into your cozy bedsheets after spending an entire day sunbathing and swimming at the beach.*BIG SIGH* 

Slip into your robe and explore the 16 different immersions scattered throughout the spa’s stunning thermal grounds, aimed to guide you through the different steps of the circuit. Begin your treatment at one of the thermal baths and saunas, followed by an exhilarating cold dip at their Nordic Bath or Cool Shower. You can even take this step further with a plunge right into the cool waters of St. Peter’s Bay! Next, relax by a crackling outdoor fire or find a quiet spot on the mezzanine and take in the breathtaking scenes surrounding you. Mysa also provides the ideal environment to take a break from the stress of daily life, allowing you to be present as you let your mind and body rest. Want to turn a spa day into the ultimate getaway? Book a stay at one of their 17 rustic water-view cabins!

As part of Mysa’s overall philosophy of healing and nourishment from within, take a break from the thermal treatment and embark on an incredible culinary experience at their on-site restaurant. Mysa’s culinary team, led by Chef Seth Shaw, takes great pride in bringing a dynamic and well-balanced menu while adapting sustainable practices and sourcing only the freshest, highest quality ingredients from their on-site gardens, local farm, and local suppliers.

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