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Cavendish Beach Adventure Zone

Cavendish Beach Adventure Zone
18 Moore Rd. , Cavendish

The fall has arrived but there are still lots of fun activities for the whole family at Cavendish Beach Adventure Zone. Three incredible adventures are waiting to be discovered: the Route 6 Motel – Haunted Experience, The Hangar Laser Tag Arena, and the River of Adventure Miniature Golf.

Visit, if you dare, the old Route 6 Motel. The legend goes the hotel operated from 1955 until the 1970’s when the owner, George Lynde, ran into problems.

After a number of unexplained disappearances and “accidents” on the property, the motel shut its doors in 1975. Recently, investors purchased the old motel intent on restoring it to its former glory. However, they were unable to finish…

Piece together the rest of the story as you walk, run or crawl through the winding corridors of the Route 6 Motel, and find out what lurks within. Legend has it that only the hardiest of souls can make it to check out time. So what are you waiting for?

For more action-packed entertainment visit the Island’s indoor laser tag area! The “Hangar Laser Tag Arena” is a 2000-square foot airplane hangar where you must outlast your opponents.

Once strapped into a special vest, equipped with a state-of-the-art phaser, and briefed with your mission, you are released into The Hangar. The arena is black-lit, fog-filled, and packed with challenging obstacles, so navigate carefully.

And if you want to bask in the PEI sun, then head outside to the River of Adventure Mini Golf. The course even places you in peril of being eaten by a giant lobster and has a mix of challenging and ingenious holes.

Insider’s Tip:
Bundle your fun and SAVE! The Zone Pass is your best value for fun.


Cavendish Beach Adventure Zone - Route 6 Motel
Cavendish Beach Adventure Zone - The Hangar
River of Adventure