Plan Your Visit - BeachesThunder Cove Beach

Thunder Cove Beach is one of those hidden gems that locals try to keep for themselves. It’s off-the-beaten-path in Darnley, just outside of Kensington. While most of PEI’s north shore is known for epic rolling dunes and wide beaches of fine sand, Thunder Cove is so much different. The shore and beach is geologically diverse and a real-time example of how water and wind shape and change the Island landscape. The sandstone cliffs, columns (sea stacks) and cave formations are never the same way twice, completely at the mercy of a restless stone carver – nature! Cliffs and dunes surround the beach. Bring your beach blanket and let your worries be washed away by the gentle waves rolling in from the sea.

Insider’s Tip: Be careful climbing the cliffs. Sandstone is fragile rock, which makes for gorgeous sand but tricky climbing. 

As Thunder Cove is not a Provincial or National beach, don't forget that it does not have restroom facilities!

Where to Find It: Thunder Cove is 66km from Charlottetown via PE-2W. At Kensington, take PE-20 toward Darnley. Take a left onto Lower Darnley Road and a right onto Thunder Cove Road. It’s recommended to park along the 90-degree turn at the beach.