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There are so many communities on PEI that you can call home. Whether you want to live somewhere urban, or prefer a quiet country setting, We Know PEI can help you find a home that you will love.

There’s something about Prince Edward Island that stays with you long after your vacation ends. You might find yourself daydreaming of peaceful mornings crisp with sea-kissed air, or the charming cobblestone streets of historic Charlottetown. Coming to the Island is like an open invitation for adventure, from meandering trails and mirror-like waters to sprawling golf courses, quaint fishing villages, and of course, the food (seriously, the food) It’s easy to fall more and more in love with the Island, as you dream of what it might be like to call it home.

And to make those dreams a reality, look no further than the team at We Know PEI. With their combined experience and genuine passion for all things PEI, they will help you find a property that perfectly complements your vision of the PEI life.

Picture yourself waking up in a seaside cottage, with the sound of the waves and the Island’s nature around you. Or perhaps a historic home in Charlottetown, where the streets radiate the vibrant energy of the city surrounding you. Maybe you’d like a hideaway in the quiet countryside, surrounded by rolling hills of emerald green.

The Island has a way of stealing the hearts of visitors and Islander’s alike. Its captivating landscapes, flourishing communities, and a sense of belonging envelops you the moment you set foot on its shores. Living here is like being part of a living tapestry. One that is embellished with bustling culture, culinary delights, and friendly people that hold the magic of PEI.

Life moves at a slower pace here, even the capital city has a cozy, small-town feel. Plus, never being more than 20 minutes away from a beautiful sandy beach is an added bonus.

So, whether you’re thinking of raising a family, settling into retirement, or just yearning for a new experience, rest assured Kris, Catherine, and Kelly are ready with the tools to help your dreams become a reality.


No one knows Prince Edward Island better than the people who live and explore it every day. Learn about beaches the locals use, the best spot for kayaking, find out where Islanders buy their fresh seafood and what to do with the kids on a rainy summer day.

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