An Authentic Gem

The Pearl Eatery

The Pearl Eatery & Oyster Lounge
7792 Cavendish Rd., North Rustico

Tucked along Route 6, between Cavendish and North Rustico, you will find The Pearl Eatery. This dinner-only restaurant has a rich history of beautiful dining experiences. Founded originally in 2007, the restaurant is a pioneer in Prince Edward Island’s farm to table movement.

Mindfully sourcing fresh local ingredients, hand-crafted and raised with love and patience is a must to fulfill their mission. What is this multiple award-winning restaurant’s mission? A joyful collaboration.

Each ingredient, each team member, each artisan within and without, work together to create and deliver an exceptional dining experience. Using locally sourced ingredients, food is beautifully prepared, and served with excellent customer service in an inspired setting.

Driving up to The Pearl Eatery is truly where your authentic Island experience begins. The cedar-shake cottage is like something taken straight from a fairy-tale, with beautifully landscaped perennial gardens and planters that adorn the property. Behind is a garden that’s home to all the fresh herbs and edible flowers the chef desires.

Inside, each piece of art, table, chair, potter’s dish, and lamp is hand selected or commissioned especially for the space.

The Island has an abundance of the most exquisite ingredients, and this restaurant carefully selects and prepares them simply from scratch into a delicious dish that’s presented like a piece of art. The experience at The Pearl Eatery is like no other, and proof that Heaven really is a place on PEI!

— Insider’s Tip —

Book your special occasion here for the ultimate casual fine-dining experience. It’s a sure way to imprint a beautiful memory.


The Pearl Eatery
The Pearl Eatery