Nothing is punnier than some good ol’ COWS merch. We’d even go as far to say as it’s udderly iconic. COWS has just released their new Spring line-up, which includes designs for their new Haute COWture line and video games like Super MOOrio(Super Mario) and FARMNITE (Fortnite). Which got us thinking, how do they come up with their amoosing merch? You’ll be pleased to know (especially if you’re really big into puns) that it all comes from the staff AND their loyal customers. Yes, this means your idea could end up on a t-shirt!


The first udder of business is a brainstorm session. The team gets together to discuss trending tv shows, movies, kids shows, games and even clothing lines. After they predict which ones are going to remain a trend vs a quick fad, the *cowify-ing* begins! Oftentimes, staff members and even customers already have an idea for the perfect COWS pun, but sometimes the whole team comes up with it together. It’s one big cowllabration! (We’re trying, here!)


The more popular movies, such as Cow Story (Toy Story) or Dairy Potter (Harry Potter) are usually no-brainers that make it to the main merchandising line. For ideas they’re not sure would resonate as well, they’ve recently been throwing the designs up on their website anyway to see what might garner interest. Last fall they decided to put up an Udderstone (Yellowstone) design that did so well, it made it to the main merchandising line!


As trends come and go, so do the COWified designs, which would usually mean that once they’re gone, they’re gone. But with the recent addition of their new printer, they’ve been able to bring back some Classic COWS merch from the mid 90s to designs only recently retired. Classics such as their Common Cow line, Cownation St (Coronation St), Cow Wars (Star Wars), Double MOO7 (Double 007) and many more can now be made-to-order!

Have we got you COWnvinced to get your hands on a T of your own? Head to their website to place an order or visit them in person at a COWS locations across PEI and Canada.


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