In the summer of 1983, a small kiosk appeared on the Cavendish Boardwalk, serving only old-fashioned vanilla ice cream made from a cherished family recipe. Islanders and visitors alike were smitten with the creamy, dreamy scoops, and so began the love affair with COWS Ice Cream. As their popularity grew, so did their range of flavours, soon expanding to a diverse and delectable selection.

COWs quickly MOOved forward, opening their second location on Queen St in Charlottetown in 1985. Their herd donned colourful t-shirts picturing cows in whimsical settings that were DAIRY popular with customers. In response to demand, COWS T-shirts became available for purchase in 1986, which was closely followed by more COWS merchandise. In 1991, a COWS catalogue was even introduced for a short time, showcasing all their aMOOzing cow-themed designs

By 1999, COWS had expanded to six locations across the Island, and today, the brand boasts 13 stores throughout Canada. Their offerings expanded too! In 2006, COWS began producing cheese and dairy products, which proved to be just as delightful as their original ice cream, earning them awards and a spot on grocery store shelves across the country.

Today, COWS is a beloved PEI tradition. Locals and tourists flock to the storefronts to get their hands on the udderly delicious scoops. With over 30 unique and delicious ice cream flavours, and new flavours announced yearly, it’s hard to pick a favourite (Wowie Cowie vs Mooey Gooey is a real debate). Their quirky T-Shirts have expanded into even more quirky merchandise – like COWzy pajamas and sweaters, souvin-steers and MOOre!

Thanks to a brand moo printer, customers can now order classic t-shirt designs dating back to the mid-90s, either online or in person at their COWS Creamery location in North River. And for those yearning for a taste of a retired ice cream flavour, this could be your year! To celebrate their 40th birthday they’ve reintroduced two flavours that were previously out to pasture: Chocolate Mud and Pralines and Cream.

Throughout their journey, COWS has remained true to their unique and whimsical personality, welcoming atmosphere, and high-quality products that have captivated the hearts of ice cream lovers for 40 years and created endless meMOOries.

So, grab a scoop (or two) of your favourite flavour and join us as we raise a waffle cone for COWS’ 40th Birthday!


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