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Unlock un-bee-lievable rewards, exclusive offers, and more with the Honibe Rewards Program! Rack up points with every purchase of a Honibe product and move up the ranks to Busy-Bee status, and eventually, Bee Royalty.

Island Abbey Foods Ltd® is a leading producer of specialty foods, natural health products, and dietary supplements based right here in Prince Edward Island, known most famously for their ingenious line of Honibe® products.

What started as a sticky accident during a camping trip involving a shattered jar of honey has since become a beloved and identifiable name on shelves across the country. Today, you can find Honibe products in over 6,000 retail locations in addition to the thousands of products shipped out every day.

But how did something an ingredient found in most pantries reach this sort of buzz?

After that fated camping trip, Honibe founder, John Rowe and his wife Sue, took to figuring out an easier way to transport and consume honey while keeping all its naturally occurring health benefits! This led to the patented Honibe® technology used in all Honibe products that distills and solidifies pure honey into little drops, lozenges, and multivitamin and wellness gummies without any unwanted additives.

From the release of the world’s first solid honey product in 2007, The Honey Drop, which garnered 12,000 orders in only two weeks, demand for Honibe has only grown! Since then, Island Abbey Foods Ltd® has added honey gummy vitamins including Multivitamins and wellness gummies, convenient travel packs, and the ever popular Lozenges. Healthy and natural has never tasted so sweet!

Harness the naturally occurring benefits of honey with Honibe, available at one of their retail partners or through their online shop.


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