East Point Lighthouse

East Point Lighthouse was built in 1867 and played an important role in navigating fishing traffic and local flying schools in the winter months. Today this lighthouse offers on-site tours, a craft shop, and a café. It is here that you can see three ocean tides meeting including; The Atlantic Ocean, Northumberland Strait and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.   Well you might not see it, but it is the place!

Historic and beautiful lighthouse in Covehead Prince Edward Island.

Covehead Lighthouse

Covehead Lighthouse, located in the PEI National Park was first built in 1967 and was rebuilt in 1975.  There is a plaque on this lighthouse…

Beautiful Lighthouse in Cape Tryon Prince Edward Island.

Cape Tryon Lighthouse

Cape Tryon Lighthouse was built in 1906 and guided mariners along the northern coast of PEI, providing warning of the shallow waters that reached far beyond…

Beautiful lighthouse in West Point Prince Edward Island.

West Point Lighthouse

West Point Lighthouse was built in 1875 and is Prince Edward Island’s tallest lighthouse. Attached to this lighthouse is a museum that operates year-round. May…


Cape Bear Lighthouse

Cape Bear Lighthouse was built in 1881 located in the Southern East End of PEI near Murray Harbour, one hour outside of Charlottetown. As you…