Coastal Drives

A Snowy Escape to Eastern PEI

With fifty (yes, fifty!) utterly phenomenal beaches, fresh local seafood, and fields of rolling green, Eastern PEI is an undeniably idyllic paradise. But once the cold sets in and the snowflakes begin to stick, the region is wholly transformed into a captivating winter wonderland, unlocking incredible unique experiences and an extra layer of cozy to embrace all season long. A getaway during these slower months offers up tons of opportunities to rediscover many of the Island’s most beautiful landscapes and the chance to connect with nature and truly get away from it all for a while.

Explore the Coast

The best part about changing seasons is the way it totally transforms PEI’s scenic landscapes, painting a breathtakingly different picture every few months. Rediscover the beauty of your favourite summer spots along the Points East Coastal Drive, such as Greenwich located in the Prince Edward Island National Park and Point Prim Lighthouse, covered in ice and snow.

Harvest Wild Oysters

Head out on the ice for an unforgettable winter experience with Tranquility Cove Adventures. A PEI oyster is delicious any time of year but many would say its best experienced ice cold and plucked straight off the ocean floor. Owner Captain Perry Gotell, whose company also operates fishing and boating tours in the summer, takes you through the step-by-step process of harvesting wild oysters through a hole in the ice with a process called “tonging.” Essentially, you use a giant pair of “tongs” with ends that form a cage when closed, sifting through sand and debris leaving you with only the briny gems. Warm up with a bonfire and a steaming bowl of fresh PEI mussels, while enjoying the fruits of your labour — your fill of freshly shucked oysters. There’s nothing like slurping down a fresh, cold oyster and it really doesn’t get any fresher than this!



Small Town, Big Eats

Make a stop at the charming little community of Montague in the Town of Three Rivers. Often called “Montague the Beautiful” it is the picture of serenity, with heritage homes nestled along the tree-lined riverbank, hidden gems like Knox’s Dam and Buffaloland Provincial Park, and the peaceful Montague River that runs right under the tiny bridge on Main Street. Though seemingly small at first glance, Montague packs quite a punch when it comes to tasty Island eats. Fuel up for a fun day ahead with breakfast and coffee at the Lucky Bean Cafe, where you can order delightful classics like avo toast or a breakfast board to split! Not in the brunching mood? Only around the corner from Lucky Bean Cafe, you’ll find Bogside‘s taproom, where you can grab a pint from the brewery and a bigger bite from Crafter’s BBQ or Famous Peppers Pizza.

Here you can also find the headquarters of PEI’s favourite hot sauce, Maritime Madness. Step inside their retail store and sample some of their most popular products and grab bottles of your personal favourites to take home.

Connect with nature

Built with relaxation and rejuvenation in mind, Nature Space Resort and Retreat Centre is a place where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of Prince Edward Island to the fullest. This unique four-season, four-star resort comes with everything you need for a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life can often bring. The centerpieces of the resort are their authentic Mongolian Yurts, complete with a woodstove and a personal outdoor hot tub, so you can camp comfortably in style, even in the dead of winter. The resort also offers many outdoor activities and amenities to help you make the most of your snowy getaway. Snowshoe through wooded trails, take part in an invigorating snowga session, and gaze at the stars above on a guided night tour and bonfire.

There’s no denying that a relaxing stay along the Island’s Eastern shores is pure magic in every season, and winter is no exception. With countless ways to enjoy the fresh air, explore the great outdoors, and connect with PEI’s natural beauty, pure winter bliss is well within sight. So before the thrill of summer adventures take hold, unlock epic fun and quiet serenity these colder months bring with a Prince Edward Island Tourism getaway.

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