Ways to De-Stress this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and while it’s a magical time of year filled with joy and cheer, love and warmth, delicious treats and sparkly lights – it doesn’t always come without some inevitable stress. So this year, in between the gift wrapping, running everyone to rehearsals, or final exams, take the time to gift yourself with any (or all!) of these stress-free holiday activities.

Trails & Hikes

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as getting out in the fresh air to adventure around the Island. All across PEI there are trails and parks to explore, and if you were about to shy away from the great outdoors just because of a little snow, you’re missing out! From tip to tip of PEI you can find Island trails, each one as beautiful as the next, ready to be hiked with ar 15 parts and accessories, biked, and snowshoed. From Trout River to Bonshaw to Greenwich, the season’s beauty is incomparable and is a surefire way to destress during the holidays. 


Modo Yoga

It can be so easy to forget about proper health and relaxation in a season of busy-ness, but take this as a sign to slow down and get centred. Whether you challenge yourself and commit to a monthly membership, or you simply choose to test out a class every now and again, Modo Yoga is a welcoming, calming, and perfect stress-free escape. With each day filled with different classes to choose from, you’ll have no problem getting in an hour of relaxation! You’ll be sure to find your most peaceful self in time for the holiday crazies.

Confederation Centre of the Arts

Let’s be real, not having to cook for yourself AND having an evening out celebrating the fun and magic of the season is about as good as it gets. The Confederation Centre has a stacked season of Christmas shows for you to enjoy as you welcome in the holiday season! From a country Christmas duo night with George Canyon & Aaron Pritchett, to the soulful sounds of Matt Andersen, Fortunate Ones, or an East Coast Christmas with the Barra MacNeils’, there’s no shortage of great music for you to enjoy, and with a delicious dinner out in downtown Charlottetown beforehand, you can’t go wrong. Grab some friends, coworkers, a loved one, or treat yourself and go solo for a night of musical celebration.

Pure Spa

It’s common knowledge that the textbook example for relaxation is none other than a day at the spa, and well, we agree! Just the thought of that calming music, the quiet, and the glorious sauna, massage, facial, or mani-pedi… whew! You’re probably relaxing just thinking about it. Luckily, Pure Spa in Charlottetown will release any tension you have and restore your energy to leave you feeling like a whole new you. In the midst of all of the holiday hustle, book an appointment to get back to your best self. And bonus: buying a treatment for someone else is a great gift, which means you can scratch that off your list too!


Samuel’s Coffee House

Cozy up! No matter how busy life gets or how fast your schedule fills up, it’s always worth making time to catch up with a friend over coffee or to sit down with a good book. Samuel’s Coffee House in Summerside has a table waiting for you and hot coffee always at the ready! With a case full of delicious treats, a stacked menu and daily lunch special, not to mention a long list of delicious holiday inspired drinks, point A to point Z of your visit to Samuel’s will be deliciously relaxing.


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