Ultimate PEI Dining Experiences

With summer so beautiful and fleeting, it’s of utmost importance to squeeze every bit of goodness out of it while you can. And for most people, that goodness revolves around good food and good fun. Tip to tip of this Island is a foodie’s heaven and an adventurer’s dream. When places are able to pair the two, that’s a whole other ballgame! Luckily for you, (well, for us all) there are plenty of incredible options to have the full-meal deal kind of dining experience during a PEI summer – and here are some of the best places to start!

The Ultimate Chef’s Table at The RiverShed

Along the Wheatley River is one of the most beautifully quaint views you can find on PEI. Now you have the chance not only to dine there, but to have a full dining experience. The RiverShed is home to The Ultimate Chef’s Table, the newest addition to everyone’s culinary bucket list. With five evenings to choose from, Chef Kyle Panton and his chosen Guest Host introduce a beautiful 5-course meal and share the inspiration and story behind each dish with their guests-turned-friends sitting around a large table together. The shimmer of the lights on the water as the sun has finished setting only adds to the evening’s magic as you contemplate on the back deck how happy you are with your dining decision.

The Pearl Eatery

An evening at The Pearl Eatery in North Rustico is a chance for you to feel like you’ve been transported to a whole other exquisite locale, while simultaneously diving into a meal so rich in Island flavour there’s no question you’re anywhere else. The Pearl supports local artists, artisans, farmers, fishers, and foragers who call PEI home while striving towards excellence and creativity. Each meal is made into a fresh and edible piece of delicious artwork with Island seafood as the star of the show. Chef Steven Wilson has a deep passion and respect for the ingredients he uses in his dishes and it’s that same passion and respect that make for a delectable bite each and every time!

FireWorks Feast at The Inn of Bay Fortune

The FireWorks Feast is more than a feast, it’s truly an experience. Globally renowned for it’s farm-to-fire-to-feast format, this is the type of place you literally write home about. Every day the Fire Brigade of this legendary five-star country inn creates a new menu from their own organic farm, herb gardens and roster of Prince Edward Island’s farmers and fishermen. You’ll start the evening with a tour of the farm and get to know exactly where your meal came from. Then it’s time to mix and mingle around the beautiful grounds over oysters, cocktails and more. Come meal time, you’ll feast over deliciously prepared food with new friends. Everything is prepared from the live fires of their 25” brick-lined, wood-burning, fire-breathing beast of a FireWorks and served by the chefs. Cap the night off with roasted marshmallows under a glittering night sky!


The Fiddling Fisherman

The Fiddling Fisherman offers four unique, authentic PEI experiences, but the Lobster Lovers tour is by far the tastiest! You can find a lobster suppers across the Island with fresh and delicious food, but it doesn’t get much fresher than cooking and eating it right on the boat. As you set sail out of picturesque Souris Harbour on Chaisson a Dream, your Captain will tour you around the water telling stories, showing off the Island and answering questions. Once the anchor drops, you get to join the crew and start hauling in lobster traps containing your day’s bounty: big and beautiful lobster! Before you know it, your dinner is cooked, you’re eating up a storm, the Captain has started on the fiddle and the crew is step dancing around you! There’s no doubt you’ll be singing and toe tappin’ on a full belly the whole way home after this PEI experience.


By the Sea Kayaking in Victoria by the Sea

If you’re itching to get out on the water and maybe cross a few things off your summertime bucket list, there’s no guessing that you should head to Victoria by the Sea. Not only is this quaint little village perfect for strolling through, hand in hand, shop by shop, but it’s fully equipped to get you out on the ocean and fill your belly full of goodness afterwards! Paul at By the Sea Kayaking starts off by providing some kayak instruction to get you on the water, then once you’ve kayaked to the local favourite, Tryon Shoal, you’ll learn how to dig up the main ingredient for your lunch: delicious clams! The best is saved for last, as you paddle back to shore and get to gobble up the mouthwatering clam chowder, cooked beachside! 


The Table Culinary Studio

While heading home after a day spent at The Table Culinary Studio in New London, you’ll quickly realize you’re not just full… you’re inspired! This award-winning culinary studio is known for its focus on experiential cuisine. If you have the chance to participate in one of their many culinary classes, you will truly experience every part of the meal – from selecting your ingredients from local farmers, to peeling and chopping,  to beautifully plating each course. Throughout the day, you’ll learn from The Table’s chefs, as well as local farmers, fishers and historians who will enhance the entire cooking experience with their knowledge and expertise. End your day around the table with your new group of friends who have learned and chopped and cooked and eaten with you all day long. You’ll go home with a new appreciation for local dining and cooking and even a few recipes to impress your friends with!

Open Eats

Walking through the doors of Open Eats in Downtown Summerside is like walking through a portal to a whole new city. The smells from the open kitchen envelop you as you walk to your table looking up, down, and all the way around to take in the unique, cozy, city-like atmosphere. Often accompanied with local music, Open Eats serves each meal with artistic flare, made with passion and precision. Whether you’ve stopped in for lunch or supper, you could point and pick at anything on the menu and be completely satisfied with that choice. In between courses or after the plates have cleared, you will feel inclined to sit back and relax, drink in hand, laughs and conversation flowing, as the music swirls around you and the rich smells of garlic and seafood and butter float through the air. Coming to Open Eats is so much more than an evening out for drinks and apps with friends – it’s truly your fun night’s escape to a whole new city!

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