Top 16 Photos of 2016

From glistening snow over windswept beaches, to quaint seaside fishing towns and the most vibrant colours of fall, there is so much beauty to be found in a year on PEI. With so many amazing Prince Edward Island memories shared with us, these are our top 16 photos of 2016.

Nothing to see here! Just another stunning Island sunrise.


Thunderstorms and potato blossoms …Nature’s beauty truly knows no bounds!


Exploring the coast of PEI gives new meaning to the concept of fresh salt air.


It’s so easy to get lost in French River’s beauty.


Sometimes a little peek of sun on a cold winter day is all you need!


When encased in snow and ice, red sandstone cliffs take on a new level of rugged beauty.


A fiery sky and lapping waves are the best way to cap off a summer day.


A perfect combination of red, green, and blue can be found around every corner.


There’s nothing like the dreamy sights and scents of a field of lupins in French River.


Look up! Billions of stars dot a wintery night sky.


A stunning array of colours marks autumn on the Island.


There’s nothing quite like breathing in salt air from the most picturesque corners of the North Cape Coastal Drive.


The Milky Way lights up the Confederation Strait. PEI truly is a stargazer’s paradise.


Red sand and white snow …these are the colours of winter on PEI.


A November supermoon lit up our nights in the most spectacular way.


It doesn’t get sweeter than salt air and a PEI sunset…especially one as gorgeous as this!


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