The Unexpected Beauty of a PEI November

Traditionally November is a time for slowing down, the days become shorter while the nights grow longer and the beautiful colours of October are all but gone. But even as the air turns crisper and the last of the leaves fall, photographers always find so much beauty in these cooler moments. With so much Island to explore, there’s no need to let the crisp November air keep you from exploring around every bend!

Warm(ish) November days were truly made for exploring!


In Prince Edward Island, warm light and fields of gold will always soothe the soul.


There’s nothing like the calming beauty of lapping waves. Who’s up for a drive to the coast?


After all, a November day at the beach is still a day at the beach!


In the fall, peaceful evenings and colourful skies still reign.


The days may be growing shorter, but waking up a little earlier is always worth it!


Get up close and personal with PEI’s scenic beauty by taking a trip along the North Cape Coastal Drive and the Points East Coastal Drive. Or see more of PEI’s fall beauty here.