The Colourful Beauty of a PEI Fall

There’s nothing quite as spectacular as Prince Edward Island’s yearly fall transformation, don’t you think? The colours changing before your very eyes is a metamorphosis of epic proportions that continues to be stunning, year after year.

Not once will a bright orange, yellow, or red tree dancing in the breeze seem boring! Never have we ever wished for less of that crisp autumn smell and radiant multicoloured forest. So before the magic of fall passes by, let’s take a moment to soak up all its beauty!


In fall, everything becomes picturesque… farming included! 


A walk across campus becomes a little more magical ✨📚🍂


And escaping to the quiet of the woods is, hands down, the most captivating part of your week!


And just when you think life on PEI couldn’t get any better, the Northern Lights show up to blow us all away.💚


A little visit to Knox’s Dam is always filled with beauty, but in the Fall? It doesn’t get any better! 😍🍁🍃


And waking up to catch the autumn sunrise along the North Shore is so worth it.


Those twisty-turny red-dirt roads just shine a little extra bright this time of year.


And the trails found along them are more radiant than ever!


Those Island sunsets just won’t quit, will they? 


There’s no question about it, this is absolutely paradise found 😍


From the countryside…



…to the edge of the sea…


…from the morning glory… 😍✨


…to those magnificently coloured sunsets…


…each day brings another adventure. 🙌 


Even the good game gets even better with this stunning background! ⛳


There are two sides of a PEI fall 🍁↔️🌾


But our favourite point of view will always be from above! ✈️☁️


The autumnal Island life is filled with bliss at every turn.


It’s no wonder L.M.Montgomery put “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” to paper through her beloved Anne of Green Gables. 🍂❤🍃


The colours of a PEI fall are unmatched in beauty, 



And we couldn’t be more grateful for this incredible Island! 🧡


Is it just us, or did that totally have you falling in love with Prince Edward Island all over again? We’ll never get over just how outstanding the fall season is. From the deep reds, to the punchy bright orange and yellows, the many colours of the fall  on PEI will win us over time and time again!