Snapshots from the Sea

Why Lobster Fishermen Have the Best Job in the World

Prince Edward Island has a reputation for having the finest lobster in the world. As any local or visitor can tell you, there’s nothing better than enjoying the bounty of a lobster fisherman’s labours. Passed down from generation to generation, the fishing industry on PEI remains strong, and includes over 1,200 fishermen from tip to tip. We think our lobster fishermen have the best job in the world, see for yourself by taking in these snapshots from the sea.

Purple skies and lighthouses dot our office skyline


Side by side we get through the ups and downs of life on the ocean


There is something about looking out into the horizon where nothing is in view but the rolling seas


Perks of the job: Those stunning morning commutes


…And to be a part of the chase!


Sometimes the work is gruelling, but sunrises like this make it all worthwhile


…Because the fire in the sky matches the fire in our bellies


And then the freshest dinner awaits!

From lobster suppers to lobster right on the wharf, lobster lovers can rejoice in the many ways to dine on this popular crustacean. Click here to find out more about what it’s like to be a lobster fisher. Here’s to a summer of fishing and feasting!