Views Worth Pulling Over For

Explore the Coast of North Cape Coastal Drive

PEI’s North Cape Coastal Drive is packed with natural beauty. Spending a day exploring this incredibly scenic area of the Island is an absolute must for any Island vacation. The local tourism authority makes it easy for you with 5 itineraries. Follow along and you’ll maximize every minute of your trip.

With the Explore the Coast itinerary as your guide, you’ll discover the most scenic, picture-perfect stops along the way that make for lasting memories and truly beautiful photographs. When you hear the gentle swish of the beach grass on an almost-still morning, the sound of kids asking ‘can we have ice-cream?’ at one of the roadside dairy bars, the taste of wild raspberries, and the gentle roll of the waves coming ashore at Kildare Capes, you’ll find an added bit of heart and soul in each one of your photos.

Sunshine pours down on the golden wheat and windmills of North Cape.

Feel the rough texture of a sandstone Inuksuk set between the North Cape Lighthouse and the shoreline.

Feel the sand between your toes at a stunning beach outside the Tignish Run.

Or take a walk to your own little piece of heaven at Skinners Pond Beach.

Watch fishermen bring in their haul while you breathe in the scent of salt air and wildflowers at Howard’s Cove.

Abrams Village bathes in a warm evening glow, where the view is speckled with buoys and West Point’s windmills.

Passing through Grand River you’ll find St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church glowing amid rolling fields of green.

Standing on the edge of a barley field in Southwest Lot 16, you’ll be treated to the most beautiful display of nature’s colours.

Top off the journey with a visit to Spinnakers’ Landing, one of Summerside’s great marketplaces situated within a recreated fishing village.


North Cape Coastal Drive makes it easy to explore their region. Pick from one of their 5 itineraries and hit the road!