Scenic Drives to Fall Beauty

There’s no doubt about it, awe-inspiring autumn is in full force in Prince Edward Island! Everywhere you turn you’ll find that nature’s colours are transforming into deep golds, bright oranges, and vibrant reds. One of the best ways to take in all this beauty is to hop in your car and drive down one of our unique winding roads. There are many backroads to chose from on the Island, but to give you a head start on embracing the colours of the season we gathered 6 of our favourite fall photos.

While driving down the twists and turns on a bright autumn day, be sure to drive a little slower to take in the glimmers of sun pouring over the colours.


You can even be rewarded from the parking lot, like this magnificent view from Strathgartney Provincial Park.


The beauty of PEI in October is unmatched. On Route 2 in Fredericton, farmers’ fields become a colourful patchwork quilt.


The colours can truly take your breath away.


Knox’s Dam is the perfect stopping point on the Points East Coastal Drive. Take Route 320 in Victoria Cross and you’ll find the beautiful reflections of golden colours on the dam’s rushing water.


Overlooking Bonshaw Hills from the Appin Road, you might be lucky enough to see a sight like this: a mosaic of autumn-coloured brushstrokes.


Sometimes the canopy of leaves on a winding road can feel just like a cozy blanket. Head to Peters Road near New Haven to catch a glimpse!