Saying Farewell to Winter

Even though it may not feel like it in Prince Edward Island, today winter is officially over. After a season that has brought us 473cm of snow, it is safe to say that Islanders are prepared to greet spring with open arms. As we say farewell to one of the harshest winters in the Island’s history, let’s look back to celebrate the beauty that winter has given us. Many observe our Island’s natural beauty in the warm months when thousands flock to our sandy beaches. But some of the most stunning scenery can only be witnessed when you can see your breath and your nose tingles from the sub-zero temperatures. Even in the coldest of winter days and bitterest of winter nights, a picturesque moment can be found around every turn. Here are our favourite photos from this past season.

1. A frozen desert landscape beside the usually lapping waves of Canoe Cove beach. || Photo by Dave Brosha Photography



2. Even in winter the Island’s bright red cliffs gleam on PEI’s North Shore. || Photo by Sean Landsman Photography



3. The Confederation Bridge standing strong over icy waters is a sight to behold, especially at night! || Photo by Neil Taylor Photography



4. Windswept marram grass and rugged sandstone glimmers in a bed of snow at the Covehead Lighthouse. || Photo by Stephen DesRoches Photography



5. Aurora borealis can light up the sky on a cold winter’s night with its symphony of breathtaking colours. || Photo by Dave Brosha Photograpy