PEI’s Rugged Coastlines

Living on an island offers all kinds of coastline to explore and Prince Edward Island has over 1,000 kilometres of it! With the effects or erosion, these coastlines can continue to change from season to season …forming new shapes, new sand dunes, new sea stacks, and new caves. The annual rate of coastal loss is 0.3 meters (1 foot) but in some areas on the north shore, the annual rate is as high as 1.5 meters (5 feet) of fallen sand stone.

Get to know the coast of Prince Edward Island, each and every location offers something different!


Waves chip away and form tunnels at Thunder Cove


The curving edges of Seacow Head glow in the late afternoon sun


Layers of sand and stone rise up in Cavendish


The beautiful Kildare Capes bathe in early morning light


Some of the highest cliffs can be found in Cape Tryon (which is also home to many Great Cormorant nests!)


With all of PEI’s coastline, the Point Prim Lighthouse is just one of over 60!


The ocean carves out the cliffs into constantly changing shapes, like this one that resembles an elephant


With a clear sky, spend a late night in Cavendish under moon and star light

What is your favourite coastal area on PEI? To explore these and other coastal landscapes up close and personal, take a road trip along PEI’s Coastal Drives.