PEI’s Red Dirt Roads

PEI is known for it’s iconic beauty; its wide-open skies, fresh salt water, singing sandy beaches, painted-sky sunsets, and rolling red potato fields make for a photographer’s dream. Perhaps the most iconic of all is PEI’s red dirt roads. The deep redness in the dirt comes from a high iron oxide or rust content in the soil. Whatever it is – it makes for the perfect view when cruising around our little province. Here are 6 of our favourite red dirt road images that will make you want to take the long way home.


1. The lupin is PEI’s rose. Colourful flowers mixed with our rich soil are at the heart of Island charm.

|| Photo by StClair MacAulay


2. Top down, open sky. All road trips are better Island style.

|| Photo by Instagram user @pupucat


3. Green grass, red dirt, blue sky. PEI is bursting with beauty around every corner!

|| Photo by Keith Watson


4. Patterned blue skies go best with our lush wildflowers and red dirt!

|| Photo by Instagram user @ritadoo


5. Even the simplest PEI scenes are breathtaking in Canada’s green (and red!) province.

|| Photo by Instagram user @stclairphoto42


6. PEI looks stunning in the rear view mirror; endless ocean and red dirt as far as they eye can see!

|| Photo by Instagram user @cambellscovecampground