PEI’s Must-Try Lobster Dishes

When we say that lobster makes the world turn here in PEI, it is no joke. We don’t just eat it – we live and breathe it. Setting day (the day the lobster traps are set) is a celebratory event and each special occasion throughout the season is marked by the crack of that big red shell.

With so many lobster-dining options around you, how is one to choose where to eat, especially if you’re only here for a short time? Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed down the all-time can’t miss lobster dining experiences, so that you can eat your way into lobster heaven.

Lobster Dinner at New Glasgow Lobster Suppers 

Ahh, tradition. Head to New Glasgow Lobster Suppers for a meal and you’re sure to be surrounded by tables of families and friends laughing together from youngest to oldest, as they do every year. Lobster, lobster, and more lobster is the star of the menu and all the fixins’ that go with it are just as delicious. And just when you think you’re full, that mile high lemon meringue pie is worth every single bite.

Lobster Eggs Benedict at Sims Corner Steakhouse & Oyster Bar

Here in PEI, we don’t like to discriminate. Who says lobster needs to be saved for later in the day? Start your day off right and have lobster for breakfast! Sims’ brunch menu is a thing of beauty but once your eyes skim over the words “Lobster Eggs Benedict”, how could you think about anything else? It’s obvious you will love it, and luckily, Sims will welcome you back with open arms (and even more lobster).

Lobster Poutine at Lobster on the Wharf

You’re wandering through Charlottetown on a gorgeous, sunny day, doing a little shopping, drinking some coffee, listening to music on Victoria Row, when the hunger sets in. We get it, there’s a lot of places to choose from for supper, but trust us, run, don’t walk, to Lobster on the Wharf. Sit out on the deck to overlook the gorgeous Charlottetown Harbour and order none other than the most maritime meal you could dream of: Lobster Poutine. We know, we know… you’re welcome.

Any and All Lobster at Northport Pier Inn

Tip to tip of the Island is filled with some pretty great things… views, people, fun, and, just as importantly, food! If you haven’t already taken the time to head west, take this as a sign to hop in your car, point it due west and find your way to Northport Pier Inn & Restaurant. With lobster accounting for almost every second dish on their menu, there isn’t a chance you can go wrong. Options like Lobster Flatbread, “Crobster Rolls”, Lobster topped Chicken or the Lobster Reuben are a guaranteed win. You’ll be smacking your lips, licking your fingers and booking a room at in the Inn so you can come back the next day!

Lobster Roll at Richard’s Fresh Seafood

If you live on the Island and haven’t been to Richard’s… what are you thinking? A Lobster Roll from Richard’s on the Covehead Wharf (or their new location at Victoria by the Sea) should be “required eating” for anyone who visits or lives in PEI. With a perfectly toasted bun jam packed with the most lobster you’ve ever seen in your life, you won’t stop talking about this lobster roll until you get another lobster roll.

Lobster Dinner at Dalvay by the Sea

If you’re looking to have the ultimate lobster meal in style, how could we not send you to Dalvay by the Sea? Everything about Dalvay screams elegant and elevated …a place where you can dine like royals while eating a full blown lobster dinner? You’ll think you’re dreaming!

Seafood Chowder – Make it Yourself!

Sometimes after a full summer day, the only thing you really want is a quiet evening with the family and a nice home cooked meal. We understand. But that absolutely doesn’t mean you should abandon your heart’s desire for lobster.

Our suggestion? Head on over to Basin View Seafoods, pick up some seafood (halibut, cod, salmon, clams, or mussels, but absolutely always lobster), and make your way home to cook up PEI’s culinary ambassador Chef Michael Smith’s Favourite Maritime Seafood Chowder. Then you can cozy in with the family around the dinner table for a huge bowl, and end the evening with a campfire. Perfect day.


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