10 Reasons Not to Miss Mamma Mia!

1. Feel the warmth of Greece

As the stage opens, we are whimsically invited into the story of one daughter’s quest to find the father she never knew. In cerulean blue, the church stands before us, a symbol of eternal matrimony and invitation into the sentimental narrative of Mamma Mia!


2. The songs of ABBA 

Dancing, twirling, ups and downs, Mamma Mia! delivers one beat after another with smash hits like “Honey, Honey”, “Take a Chance on Me”, “Thank you for the Music” and “Dancing Queen”. The cast brings you up and down the scales with these familiar tunes, with frequent bursts of backup singers popping up from behind the cobblestone sets.


3. The Wonder of Innocence 

Re-live the doe eyed wonderment of young love through the eyes of Sophie (played by Katie Kerr), our youthful heroine who has the uncomplicated idea to send wedding invitations to the men who might be her father—to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day— without her mother knowing.


4. Donna and the Dynamos  

A hard-working mother (Donna played by Eliza Jane Scott) is softened when her two best friends come into town, and there’s a surprise for the audience: the three of them sang in a girl band called Donna & the Dynamos. This brings the viewers through their own “Dancing Queen” days – and reminds the audience that with friendship and laughter, we can get through anything.


5. The Suspense

The three fatherly possibilities for Sophie create a forceful group of dynamos of their own, with Cameron MacDuffee as Harry, Stephen Guy-McGrath as Bill and Rejean Cournoyer as Sam. As they rise from the confusion of the initial arrival, all three men prove that they could be the father Sophie always wanted. But with her wedding fast approaching, which one will she choose?


6. Comic Relief  

Between the big questions of life and love, there is a bachelor party (Sky played by David Cotton), a discotheque and Donna’ best friends Rosie and Tanya (played by Nicola Dawn Brook and Jan Alexandra Smith). Both ladies enter questionable relationships of their own, earning roars from the crowd.


7. The intricacies of Love

From the unruly beginning to the surprising end, we learn about Donna’s (Eliza Jane Scott) and Sam’s (Cameron MacDuffee) precarious relationship. Will the sweetness they once share finally return? Donna and Sam both complete these mature roles well, all the while bringing the viewer back into the dizziness of love.


8. Special Effects 

Confederation Centre’s Mamma Mia! wows the crowd with pops, hazes and flashing lights all around, creating an atmosphere of astonishment. The audience is swept up into the magic of production, with the perplexity of music and theatre composing the perfect narrative ambiance.


9. Costume Razzle-Dazzle

When the Dynamos come out, it’s their time to shine! With glitter, sequin belts, ruffles, glow sticks, sequins, silver moon boots and chest hair, the whole cast is propelled forward on the wave of Mamma Mia! in the tradition of the full Broadway musical. You won’t want to miss this memorable “walk down the aisle”!



10. Audience Approved

The Mamma Mia! audience is absolutely hooked from beginning to end, and the play brings a vibrant, rocking ending with an additional whole-cast dancing scene to “Dancing Queen”, which is definitely a favorite for the show. This gives the crowd the chance to burst into rhythm, clapping and yelping along as all the interwoven dramas in the play all fall succinctly into place. Abba fans will not be disappointed!

Mama Mia! runs until September 3rd at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. For more info and the full schedule click here.