Kayaking to Lunch

KayakersIt was late June and a gorgeous summer day, the sun was shining and wispy clouds lined the sky.  I took a short walk down to the water and couldn’t feel a speck of wind. Covehead Bay on PEI’s North Shore was so calm I could literally see my reflection. I decided to meet up with some friends to take advantage of the peaceful day and go for an easy paddle.

I think Covehead Bay is one of the best spots on the Island for a novice kayaker. It is usually calm water with a dock for launching boats close to the Stanhope Golf Course. For experienced kayakers, the bay leads out to the Covehead Harbour and ocean for when you are feeling particularly brave! We chose to explore around the red cliffs and relax and watch the bald eagle fly overhead.

My job often takes me around the globe and Covehead Bay ranks up there as one of my favourite places, it is picturesque PEI with red cliffs and sand dunes lining the ocean just metres away. After a little exercise we worked up an appetite and docked our boats. It was time for lunch. Can you guess where we stopped to eat?

Getting ready to kayak

Insiders Tip:  Richard’s Fresh Seafood is at the mouth of the harbour on Covehead Wharf.  Try the lobster rolls and PEI brewed Gahan beer.