The Inside Scoop on COW’s

Growing up on PEI, I have been immersed in all things ‘Island’. I take the back dirt roads to my favorite beaches, potatoes with my supper is an absolute must, and I know exactly where to find the best cold treat on a sunny summer day. I recently had the opportunity to extend my knowledge to our Islands own COWS Ice Cream Company.

COWS first opened its doors in 1983 on the Cavendish Boardwalk making old fashioned vanilla ice cream. It and the unique employee T-shirts were a hit and the COWS empire of today was born. From there COWS opened up more and more locations, from Gateway Village to the Northumberland Ferries, which includes the impressive COWS Creamery in Charlottetown where they make all of their ice cream, T-shirts, and most recently cheese!

Considering my love for COWS products, I decided to take a trip down to the Creamery myself and see what all the buzz was about!

The Creamery is definitely one of the most interesting and tasty stops on the Island. There you can take a tour of the Factory, purchase hilarious COWS T-shirts, and enjoy, quite possibly,  the best ice cream in the world.

As I stepped into the store I was greeted by several smiling employees who directed me over to the tour booth. Noting the inexpensive price and the fact that samples were provided (sweet!) I jumped at the chance to take the tour. After donning my very stylish tour hat, the doors opened and off we went!

The tour was immersive and impressive. You learn about three production areas and try three COWS’ product samples! After a short but sweet introductory video, we sampled some Cow Chips (chocolate covered potato chips, which are as amazing as you would think) and headed out into the T-shirt production area. The workers making the T-shirts were interactive and friendly, helping in the explanation process and adding lots of fun to the tour!

We then proceeded into the Ice Cream Production area, witnessing exactly where and how COWS delicious Ice Cream is made. I learned that COWS imports their vanilla from Madagascar and their cocoa from Holland! Talk about high class products. We then sampled some COWS Creamery Extra Old Cheddar which was absolutely amazing. The last production area we viewed was the COWS Cheese Cave, where COWS cheese is aged. At COWS they age their cheese for at least 12 months and have won several awards! Our last and most exciting stop on the tour was the sample room, where we tried COWS most popular ice cream flavour ‘Wowie Cowie’. It was creamy and delicious, by far the best tasting ice cream I have ever had.

After the tour, I wandered into the shop area where you can choose from many different COWS -related items to take home. The products range from coffee mugs spouting funny cow puns, to stuffed toy cows, to delicious chocolate and cheese delicacies, to (my favourite) the famous COWS T-Shirts! Browsing through the different shirts, I couldn’t help but laugh. There were shirts for every age, from puns about TV shows, (Game of Cones, Big Brudder) to hilarious takes on pop culture.

To finish off the day I enjoyed a delicious ‘Mud Puddle’ ice cream cone on one of the many picnic tables by the front entrance. I was so impressed with my visit to the Creamery. Every single person working in the Factory from attendants, to Ice Cream Scoopers, to Tour Guides were incredibly helpful and always had a smile on their face! Make sure you stop by on your next visit to PEI.