Family Fun & Great Winter Escapes

The snow has fallen and the Island has transformed! No longer a land of reds and greens, PEI is now covered in a blanket of shimmering winter white. Waking up to this kind of winter bliss can only mean one thing: it’s time for some fun! We’re gearing up for a winter full to the brim with winter activities like ice fishing for oysters and slipping and sliding down snowy slopes. We’re ready give you the scoop on how to take this PEI winter by storm!


Epic Adventures at Mill River Resort

When it comes to winter fun, there is no place we’d rather be than Mill River Resort. From the second the snow starts to fall, the excitement begins as we look forward to the tubing, skating, skiing, swimming, campfires, snowshoeing, and fabulous food. And what’s more, all this awesome is in one place! That’s right, just check in and get ready for fun. Epic winter adventures and restful relaxation can happen in one place!

Winter programming at the resort is one of the greatest highlights of the year, and there’s no doubt that everyone – children, teens, and adults alike – will fall in love with the snowy season at Mill River.


A Winter Refresh with Discover Charlottetown

Bundle up, breathe deep, and… Snoga! One of the most unique ways to move your body and get a little fresh air during the winter months is by meeting up with your friends to join Discover Charlottetown in their snowy, outdoor, yoga classes. These (free!) sessions take place every Saturday morning (weather permitting) and are an awesome way to refresh your mind, body, and soul. Yoga instructor Erika Killam will guide you through your outdoor flows and once class is out, you can make your way to the nearest café for a piping cup of coffee. A perfect weekend start!


Get Your Seafood Fill with Tranquility Cove

You know it, we know it, everybody knows it – Prince Edward Island is seafood heaven. There’s no question that with everything from the juicy lobster to the delicious caught-that-day halibut, the bounty of the sea is overwhelming on the Island. When it comes to catching our own, we can’t sign ourselves up FAST ENOUGH! Tranquility Cove Adventures offers an experience like none other as you ice fish for PEI oysters along the Brudenell River. The winter season produces some of the tastiest and sweetest oysters around, and a unique adventure like this will stand out as one of your fondest memories of PEI life.


An Extraordinary Stay at Treetop Haven

Speaking of unique experience, how much more extraordinary can you get than a stay at Treetop Haven? A chance to steal away to the blissful quiet of the forest is an opportunity absolutely worth jumping on! These geodesic domes among the trees of Mount Tryon grant you comfort and relaxation as you look up to the starry skies from the hot tub or from the inside of your cozy dome. This is the chance you’ve been looking for to quiet the world around you and sink into the magic of the winter-white forest!


Savour Every Last Bite with Winterdine

The great outdoors is utterly magical under a blanket of sparkling snow but sometimes you just wanna be roasty-toasty tucked away inside your favourite restaurant feasting on decadent dishes (trust us, we understand). One of the winter wonders we most look forward to each year is Downtown Charlottetown’s annual dining festival: Winterdine. Restaurants around Charlottetown create a different 3-course meal for three weeks worth of “winterdining”, and these meals are incredible down to the very. last. bite. Taste and experience the creativity of our local chefs around the city and then continue on discovering the beauty and fun of Charlottetown this season!


A Winter’s Dream Come True at Brookvale

Adrenaline junkies of the Island, we see you, we feel you! If you’re itching for your chance to fly down some great hills, or maybe snowshoe or fat-bike through some snowy terrain, a visit to the Mark Arendz Provincial Park at Brookvale will be your winter dream come true. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, the slopes and trails make for a great winter escape. And if you’re wanting to learn or hone your skills, there are lessons and programs for every level. Now THESE are the kinds of ups and downs we’re 100%, totally, and completely game for right now!


Discover the Great Outdoors

The sun’s up, there’s snow down, the wind’s calm – it’s the perfect day to hit the trails! From tip to tip of PEI you’ll find gorgeous paths begging to be explored by hike, snowshoe, or cross-country ski. With each new snowfall comes another reason to lace up your boots and get outside. There’s nothing like freshly fallen snow to make an Island walk more serene!

Along the Points East Coastal Drive find the trails at Roma at Three Rivers, or the epic (floating boardwalk included!) hike at Greenwich National Park. In Central Coastal PEI, the majestic trees along the Winter River Trail are oh-so-stunning, and the sun dappled trails of Strathgartney Provincial Park are some serious joy just waiting to be discovered. Along the North Cape Coastal Drive you’ll find brilliant seaside views along the Summerside Baywalk this time of year and beauty that is so simple and sweet when you visit Rotary Friendship Park!



Get Creative with Happy Potter

Time to let that creative inspirations flow! A day spent getting artsy with a Happy Potter Pottery-To-Go kit is a perfect way to unleash your creativity and let art, imagination, and your sense of fun run free. Drop in or head to their website to choose any and all of the fun pieces you want to work with, don’t forget your painting kit (it comes with 15 gorgeous colours), and you’re off to the races!

How you design your pieces is totally up to you, so get wild and funky or stay neutral and natural. Just drop them back off to be fired up in the kiln and before you know it, you have a new treasure! And if you pick up a kit for some arts and craft fun for your kids, you might as well pick one up for yourself – it’s just too fun not to join in and get covered in a little paint!


While yes, we absolutely love a good night of Netflix and yummy snacks, there is so much more to behold when it comes to a winter season in Prince Edward Island. This is the island of adventure, beauty, creativity, and fun! The months where the snowflakes fly hardly put a stop to that, in fact, it only magnifies it!

This year we can’t wait to spend some time discovering parts of PEI that are new to us and that have been on our bucket list for years. Bring it on, snow! We’re ready for adventure. Care to join?


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